Pro Oracle Database 23c Administration: Manage and Safeguard Your Organization's Data

Malcher, Michelle, Kuhn, Darl

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Master Oracle Database administration in both on-premises and cloud environments. This new edition covers the tasks you'll need to perform to keep your databases stable, tuned, and running. The book also includes administrative tasks specific to cloud environments, including the Oracle Autonomous Database running in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. New in this edition is help for DBAs who are becoming involved in data management, and a look at the idea of a converged database and what that means in handling various data types and workloads. The book covers some of the machine learning features now in Oracle and shows how the same SQL that you know for database administration also helps you with data management tasks. The information in this book helps you to apply the right solution at the right time, mitigating risk and making robust choices that protect your data and avoid midnight phone calls.
Data management is increasingly a DBA function, and DBAs are often called upon for help in getting data loaded into analytics environments such as a data lakehouse or a data mesh. This book addresses this fast-growing new role for database administrators and helps you build on your existing knowledge to make the transition into a new skill set that is in high demand. You'll learn how to look at data optimization from the standpoint of data analysis and machine learning so that you can be seen as a key player in preparing your organization's data for those type of activities. You'll know how to pull back information from a combination of relational tables and JSON structures. You'll become familiar with the tools that Oracle Database provides to make analytics easier and more straightforward. And you'll learn simpler ways to manage time-based tables that eliminate the need for painfully creating triggers to track the history of row changes over time.
This book builds your skills as an Oracle Database administrator with the aim of helping you to be seen as a key player in data management as your organization pivots toward cloud computing and a greater use of machine learning and analytics technologies.

What You'll Learn

  • Configure and manage Oracle 23c databases both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Meet your DBA responsibilities in the Oracle Cloud and with Database Cloud Services
  • Perform administrative tasks for Autonomous Database dedicated environments
  • Perform DBA tasks and effectively use data management tools
  • Migrate from on-premises to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot issues with Oracle 23c databases and quickly solve performance problems
  • Architect cloud, on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud database environments

Who This Book Is For
Oracle database administrators (DBAs) who want to be current with the new features in Oracle Database 23c. For any DBA who is tasked with managing Oracle databases in cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud configurations. Also helpful for data architects who are designing analytic solutions in data lakehouse and data mesh environments.


在本地和雲端環境中精通Oracle Database管理。這本新版書籍涵蓋了您需要執行的任務,以保持您的資料庫穩定、調校和運行。該書還包括特定於雲端環境的管理任務,包括在Oracle Cloud基礎架構中運行的Oracle Autonomous Database。本版新增了針對參與數據管理的DBA的幫助,以及對統一數據庫概念的探討,以及處理各種數據類型和工作負載的含義。本書介紹了Oracle中的一些機器學習功能,並展示了您熟悉的SQL如何幫助您處理數據管理任務。本書中的信息幫助您在適當的時間應用正確的解決方案,減輕風險,做出保護數據並避免午夜電話的堅固選擇。

數據管理越來越成為DBA的職責,DBA經常被要求幫助將數據加載到分析環境中,例如數據湖或數據網格。本書解決了數據庫管理員這一快速增長的新角色,並幫助您在現有知識的基礎上建立新的技能,這些技能需求很高。您將學習如何從數據分析和機器學習的角度來看待數據優化,以便被視為在為組織的數據準備這類活動中的關鍵參與者。您將學會如何從關聯表和JSON結構中提取信息。您將熟悉Oracle Database提供的工具,以使分析更加簡單和直觀。您還將學習管理基於時間的表的簡單方法,從而無需痛苦地創建觸發器來跟踪行變更的歷史。

本書旨在提升您作為Oracle Database管理員的技能,幫助您在組織轉向雲計算、更廣泛地使用機器學習和分析技術時被視為數據管理的關鍵參與者。

- 在本地和雲端配置和管理Oracle 23c資料庫
- 在Oracle Cloud和Database Cloud Services中履行您的DBA責任
- 執行Autonomous Database專用環境的管理任務
- 執行DBA任務並有效使用數據管理工具
- 從本地遷移到Oracle Cloud基礎架構
- 解決Oracle 23c資料庫的問題並快速解決性能問題
- 設計雲端、本地、混合和多雲數據庫環境的架構

- 想要了解Oracle Database 23c新功能的Oracle資料庫管理員(DBA)
- 任務是在雲端、混合雲和多雲配置中管理Oracle資料庫的任何DBA
- 對於在數據湖和數據網格環境中設計分析解決方案的數據架構師也很有幫助。


Michelle Malcher is a senior manager for database product management at Oracle. Her deep technical expertise, from database to security, as well as her senior level contributions as a speaker, author, Oracle ACE director, and customer advisory board participant have aided many corporations in areas such as architecture and risk assessment, purchasing and installation, and ongoing systems oversight. She was a founding board member for FUEL, the Palo Alto Networks User community, as well as a past president and long time volunteer for the Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG). She has built out teams for database security and data services, and enjoys sharing knowledge about data intelligence and providing secure and standardized database environments.

Darl Kuhn is an Oracle DBA consultant at RMCI. He handles all facets of database administration from design and development to production support. He also teaches advanced database courses at University of Denver. He does volunteer DBA work for the Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group. He has a graduate degree from Colorado State University and lives near Spanish Peaks, Colorado, with his wife, Heidi, and daughters, Brandi and Lisa.


Michelle Malcher是Oracle的資料庫產品管理高級經理。她在資料庫和安全性方面擁有深厚的技術專長,並以演講者、作者、Oracle ACE主管和客戶諮詢委員會成員的資歷,為許多企業在架構和風險評估、採購和安裝以及持續系統監督等領域提供幫助。她是FUEL(Palo Alto Networks使用者社群)的創始董事會成員,也是獨立Oracle使用者組織(IOUG)的前任主席和長期志願者。她曾建立過資料庫安全和數據服務團隊,並樂於分享有關數據智能和提供安全和標準化的資料庫環境的知識。

Darl Kuhn是RMCI的Oracle DBA顧問。他負責從設計和開發到生產支援的所有資料庫管理工作。他還在丹佛大學教授高級資料庫課程。他為Rocky Mountain Oracle使用者組織提供志願性的DBA工作。他擁有科羅拉多州立大學的研究生學位,與妻子Heidi和女兒Brandi和Lisa一起居住在科羅拉多州的Spanish Peaks附近。