Plan, Create, Optimize, Distribute! (Give Your Marketing a Digital Edge)

Gabriela Taylor

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Engagement marketing is a move from one-way campaigns to a strategy that seeks to have dialogue with the customer.
Unlike traditional forms of marketing that bombard and interrupt the customer, engagement marketing leverages the specific needs of the customer. It is also about encouraging customers to interact among themselves, which can build advocacy for your brand.

In Plan, Create, Optimize, Distribute, Gabriela Taylor shows you how to put yourself where your customers are and engage them in interacting with your company. By mastering content marketing, you can:
  • Connect with customers on a personal level
  • Build a content relationship
  • Call your audience to action
  • Provide a platform for customer feedback

Social media and online communities have made it possible for marketers to find their target audience and evaluate their interests, without the need for a large budget. Looking at what people are saying, how they interact socially, and what questions they ask online provides a good starting point to understand their needs.
Amazon reviewer Cynthia said, "I found the information in this book extremely useful. The author emphasizes the importance of quality content, how it drives engagement with your customers, and she describes the key elements for optimizing content. She then proceeds to lead the reader through the available avenues of social media which are used as tools to distribute your content and drive customer engagement."

This book covers some of the best strategies in content marketing including:    
  • Free versus premium content
  • 27 content types to consider
  • Content planning
  • Content creation versus content curation
  • How to optimize content
  • Content distribution, including a discussion of various social media sites
  • How to automate your marketing

That's just few of the things you will learn from this book that will conclude with a section on content performance measurement that will show you the diverse metrics and tools that you can use to determine how well you are achieving your content market goals.
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