Web Scraping with Python: Collecting Data from the Modern Web (Paperback)

Ryan Mitchell



Want to freely access unlimited data from any web source, in any format? Automated gathering and manipulation of data from across the web helped launch Facebook in its early days, and is the foundation of Google's search engine today. With this book, you’ll learn how to gather unlimited data from any web source and use it for your own studies or web applications.

Web scraping is a technology nearly as old as the web itself, but the techniques used must keep pace with web technologies in order to remain viable. Web Scraping with Python not only teaches you the basics of web scraping, but also gets you up to speed on cutting-edge security and technology considerations in one comprehensive guide.

  • Learn what web scraping is and why it’s useful
  • Understand the legalities of web scraping
  • Create basic scrapers and more complicated crawlers
  • Apply advanced HTML parsing with JSoup/BeautifulSoup
  • Use scrapers to test your own site
  • Navigate security challenges and tricky sites


想要自由地從任何網站來源以任何格式獲取無限數據嗎?自動從網絡上收集和操作數據幫助 Facebook 在早期時期取得成功,並成為 Google 搜索引擎的基礎。這本書將教你如何從任何網站來源收集無限數據,並將其用於你自己的研究或網絡應用程序。

網絡爬蟲是一項幾乎與網絡同齡的技術,但所使用的技巧必須與網絡技術保持同步,以保持其可行性。《使用 Python 進行網絡爬蟲》不僅教你網絡爬蟲的基礎知識,還通過一本全面的指南,讓你了解最新的安全和技術考慮因素。

- 學習什麼是網絡爬蟲以及它的用途
- 了解網絡爬蟲的法律問題
- 創建基本的爬蟲和更複雜的網絡爬行器
- 使用 JSoup/BeautifulSoup 進行高級 HTML 解析
- 使用爬蟲測試你自己的網站
- 解決安全挑戰和棘手的網站問題