Learning JavaScript: Add Sparkle and Life to Your Web Pages, 3/e (Paperback)

Ethan Brown



If you’re a programmer new to JavaScript, or even a beginner with little or no programming experience, this latest edition of practical book offers complete, no-nonsense coverage of this essential web development language. Learning JavaScript follows proven learning principles to help you absorb the concepts at an easy pace, so you’ll learn how to create powerful and responsive applications in any browser.

Rather than simply teach JavaScript as an imperative language, author Ethan Brown (Web Development with Node and Express) introduces functional and asynchronous programming concepts early and reinforces them often. This book also gives equal preference to JavaScript’s use as a "traditional" language (with filesystem and console access) and to its use as a browser-based language.

  • Learn the latest in JavaScript developments, including Ajax and JSON
  • Get concrete examples of common JavaScript usage patterns
  • Deal with complications of different browser implementations
  • Use best practices for this complex language