Applied Akka Patterns: A Hands-On Guide to Designing Distributed Applications (Paperback)

Michael Nash, Wade Waldron



When it comes to big data processing, we can no longer ignore concurrency or try to add it in after the fact. Fortunately, the solution is not a new paradigm of development, but rather an old one. With this hands-on guide, Java and Scala developers will learn how to embrace concurrent and distributed applications with the open source Akka toolkit. You’ll learn how to put the actor model and its associated patterns to immediate and practical use.

Throughout the book, you’ll deal with an analogous workforce problem: how to schedule a group of people across a variety of projects while optimizing their time and skillsets. This example will help you understand how Akka uses actors, streams, and other tools to stitch your application together.

  • Model software that reflects the real world with domain-driven design
  • Learn principles and practices for implementing individual actors
  • Unlock the real potential of Akka with patterns for combining multiple actors
  • Understand the consistency tradeoffs in a distributed system
  • Use several Akka methods for isolating and dealing with failures
  • Explore ways to build systems that support availability and scalability
  • Tune your Akka application for performance with JVM tools and dispatchers




- 使用面向領域的設計來建模反映現實世界的軟件
- 學習實現個別演員的原則和實踐
- 通過模式結合多個演員,發揮Akka的真正潛力
- 了解分佈式系統中的一致性取捨
- 使用多種Akka方法來隔離和處理故障
- 探索構建支持可用性和可擴展性的系統的方法
- 使用JVM工具和調度器調整Akka應用程序的性能