Learning CoreDNS : Configuring DNS for Cloud Native Environments (Paperback)

Belamaric, John, Liu, Cricket

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  • 出版日期: 2019-10-15
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  • 相關翻譯: 雲原生時代的 CoreDNS 學習指南 (簡中版)
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Until recently, learning CoreDNS required reading the code or the skimpy documentation on the website. No longer. With this practical book, developers and operators working with Docker containers will understand how to use this standard DNS server with Kubernetes.

John Belamaric, senior staff software engineer at Google, and Cricket Liu, Chief DNS Architect at Infoblox, show you how to configure CoreDNS using real-world configuration examples for achieving specific purposes. You'll learn the basics of DNS, including how DNS functions as a location broker in container environments, and how it ties in to Kubernetes.


直到最近,學習 CoreDNS 都需要閱讀程式碼或網站上簡單的文件。但現在不再需要了。這本實用書籍將幫助使用 Docker 容器的開發人員和運維人員了解如何在 Kubernetes 中使用這個標準 DNS 伺服器。

Google 的高級軟體工程師 John Belamaric 和 Infoblox 的首席 DNS 架構師 Cricket Liu,將通過實際的配置示例,向您展示如何配置 CoreDNS 以實現特定目的。您將學習 DNS 的基礎知識,包括 DNS 在容器環境中作為位置代理的功能,以及它如何與 Kubernetes 相關聯。


John Belamaric is an experienced software engineer and architect with over 20 years of software design and development experience. He works on the Google Cloud team, focused on Kubernetes and GKE. He is also a core maintainer of CoreDNS, a CNCF project that provides dynamic, DNS-based service discovery in Kubernetes and other container and cloud stacks.

He is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google, holds three patents, and is a co-author of "OpenStack Cloud Application Development".

Cricket Liu graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, that great bastion of free speech, unencumbered Unix, and cheap pizza. He joined Hewlett-Packard after graduation and worked for HP for nine years.

Cricket began managing the hp.com zone after the Loma Prieta earthquake forcibly transferred the zone's management from HP Labs to HP's Corporate Offices (by cracking a sprinkler main and flooding a Labs computer room). Cricket was hostmaster@hp.com for over three years, and then joined HP's Professional Services Organization to co-found HP's Internet Consulting Program.

Cricket left HP in 1997 to form Acme Byte & Wire, a DNS consulting and training company, with his friend Matt Larson. Network Solutions acquired Acme in June 2000, and later the same day merged with VeriSign. Cricket worked for a year as Director of DNS Product Management for VeriSign Global Registry Services.

Cricket joined Infoblox, a company that develops DNS and DHCP appliances, in March, 2003. He is currently their Vice President of Architecture.


John Belamaric是一位經驗豐富的軟體工程師和架構師,擁有超過20年的軟體設計和開發經驗。他在Google Cloud團隊工作,專注於Kubernetes和GKE。他還是CoreDNS的核心維護人員,CoreDNS是一個CNCF項目,在Kubernetes和其他容器和雲端堆疊中提供基於動態DNS的服務發現。

他是Google的高級軟體工程師,擁有三項專利,並且是《OpenStack Cloud Application Development》的合著者。

Cricket Liu畢業於加州大學伯克利分校,這是一個言論自由、沒有限制的Unix和便宜比薩的堡壘。畢業後,他加入了惠普公司,在惠普工作了九年。


Cricket於1997年離開惠普,與他的朋友Matt Larson共同創辦了一家DNS諮詢和培訓公司Acme Byte & Wire。2000年6月,Network Solutions收購了Acme,同一天與VeriSign合併。Cricket在VeriSign全球註冊服務擔任了一年的DNS產品管理總監。