Practical Simulations for Machine Learning: Using Synthetic Data for AI

Buttfield-Addison, Paris, Manning, Jon, Buttfield-Addison, Mars


Simulation and synthesis are core parts of the future of AI and machine learning. Consider: programmers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers can create the brain of a self-driving car without the car. Rather than use information from the real world, you can create artificial data using simulations to train traditional machine learning models. That's just the beginning.

With this practical book, you'll explore the possibilities of simulation- and synthesis-based machine learning and AI, with a focus on deep reinforcement learning and imitation learning techniques. AI and ML are increasingly data driven, and simulations are a powerful, engaging way to unlock their full potential.

With this deeply practical book, you'll learn how to:

  • Design an approach for solving ML and AI problems using simulations
  • Use a game engine to synthesize images for use as training data
  • Create simulation environments designed for training deep reinforcement learning and imitation learning
  • Use and apply efficient general-purpose algorithms for simulation-based ML, such as proximal policy optimization (PPO) and soft actor-critic (SAO)
  • Train ML models locally, concurrently, and in the cloud
  • Use PyTorch, TensorFlow, the Unity ML-Agents and Perception Toolkits to enable ML tools to work with industry-standard game development tools




- 設計使用模擬解決機器學習和人工智慧問題的方法
- 使用遊戲引擎合成圖像作為訓練數據
- 創建專為深度強化學習和模仿學習設計的模擬環境
- 使用高效的通用算法(如近端策略優化和軟性演員評論家)進行基於模擬的機器學習
- 在本地、同時和雲端訓練機器學習模型
- 使用PyTorch、TensorFlow、Unity ML-Agents和Perception Toolkits使機器學習工具與行業標準的遊戲開發工具相結合


Dr. Paris Buttfield-Addison is cofounder of Secret Lab (https: // and @TheSecretLab on Twitter), a game development studio based in beautiful Hobart, Australia. Secret Lab builds games and game development tools, including the multi-award winning ABC Play School iPad games, Night in the Woods, the Qantas airlines Joey Playbox games, and the Yarn Spinner narrative game framework. Paris formerly worked as mobile product manager for Meebo (acquired by Google), has a degree in medieval history, a PhD in Computing, and writes technical books on mobile and game development (more than 20 so far) for O'Reilly Media. Paris particularly enjoys game design, statistics, law, machine learning, and human-centred technology research. He can be found on Twitter at @parisba and online at http: //

Dr. Jon Manning is the cofounder of Secret Lab, an independent game development studio. He's written a whole bunch of books for O'Reilly Media about Swift, iOS development, and game development, and has a doctorate about jerks on the internet. He's currently working on Button Squid, a top-down puzzler, and on the critically acclaimed award winning adventure game Night in the Woods, which includes his interactive dialogue system Yarn Spinner. Jon can be found on Twitter at @desplesda, and online at http: //

Marina Rose Geldard (Mars) is a technologist from Down Under in Tasmania. Entering the world of technology relatively late as a mature-age student, she has found her place in the world: an industry where she can apply her lifelong love of mathematics and optimization. She compulsively volunteers at industry events, dabbles in research, and serves on the executive committee for her state's branch of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) as well as the AUC. She loves data science, machine learning, and science-fiction. She can be found on Twitter @TheMartianLife and online at https: //

Dr. Tim Nugent pretends to be a mobile app developer, game designer, tools builder, researcher, and tech author. When he isn't busy avoiding being found out as a fraud, he spends most of his time designing and creating little apps and games that he won't let anyone see. Tim spent a disproportionately long time writing this tiny little bio, most of which was spent trying to stick a witty sci-fi reference in, before he simply gave up. Tim can be found on Twitter at @The_McJones, and online at http: //


Dr. Paris Buttfield-Addison是Secret Lab的共同創辦人,該公司是一家位於澳大利亞美麗的霍巴特的遊戲開發工作室(和Twitter上的@TheSecretLab)。Secret Lab開發遊戲和遊戲開發工具,包括屢獲殊榮的ABC Play School iPad遊戲、Night in the Woods、澳洲航空公司Joey Playbox遊戲和Yarn Spinner敘事遊戲框架。Paris曾在Meebo(被Google收購)擔任移動產品經理,擁有中世紀歷史學位和計算機博士學位,並為O'Reilly Media撰寫有關移動和遊戲開發的技術書籍(至今已超過20本)。Paris尤其喜歡遊戲設計、統計學、法律、機器學習和以人為本的技術研究。您可以在Twitter上找到他,帳號是@parisba,網站是。

Dr. Jon Manning是Secret Lab的共同創辦人,一家獨立的遊戲開發工作室。他為O'Reilly Media撰寫了大量關於Swift、iOS開發和遊戲開發的書籍,並擁有關於互聯網上的惡棍的博士學位。他目前正在開發一款名為Button Squid的俯視解謎遊戲,以及廣受好評的冒險遊戲Night in the Woods,其中包括他的互動對話系統Yarn Spinner。您可以在Twitter上找到他,帳號是@desplesda,網站是。

Marina Rose Geldard(Mars)是來自塔斯馬尼亞的技術專家。作為一名成年學生,她相對較晚進入技術領域,但她找到了自己的位置:一個可以應用她對數學和優化的終身熱愛的行業。她經常在行業活動中自願參與,涉足研究領域,並擔任澳大利亞計算機學會(ACS)和AUC的州分會執行委員會成員。她熱愛數據科學、機器學習和科幻。您可以在Twitter上找到她,帳號是@TheMartianLife,網站是。

Dr. Tim Nugent自稱是一名移動應用程序開發人員、遊戲設計師、工具構建者、研究人員和技術作家。當他不忙於逃避被揭穿為騙子時,他大部分時間都在設計和創建一些他不讓任何人看到的小應用程序和遊戲。Tim花了很長時間寫這個微小的簡介,其中大部分時間都在試圖插入一個風趣的科幻參考,但最終放棄了。您可以在Twitter上找到他,帳號是@The_McJones,網站是。