Learning Vue: Core Concepts and Practical Patterns for Reusable, Composable, and Scalable User Interfaces (Paperback)

Shavin, Maya

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  • 出版日期: 2024-01-09
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Learn the core concepts of Vue.js, the modern JavaScript framework for building frontend applications and interfaces from scratch. Through concise, practical, and clear examples, this book takes web developers step-by-step through the tools and libraries in the Vue.js ecosystem and how to use them to create complete applications for real-world web projects.

Author Maya Shavin explains how to create a complete application development process using a variety of tools in the Vue.js library. You'll learn how to handle data communication between components with Pinia architecture, develop a manageable routing system for a frontend project to control the application flow, and produce basic animation effects to create a better user experience.

This book also shows you how to:

  • Create reusable and lightweight component systems using Vue.js
  • Bring reactivity to your existing static application
  • Set up a project using Vite.js, a build tool for frontend project code management
  • Build an interactive state management system for a frontend application with Pinia
  • Connect external data from the server to your Vue application
  • Control the application flow with static and dynamic routing using Vue Router
  • Fully test your application using Vitest and Playwright


學習 Vue.js 的核心概念,這是一個現代化的 JavaScript 框架,用於從頭開始構建前端應用程序和界面。通過簡潔、實用和清晰的示例,本書逐步引導網絡開發人員了解 Vue.js 生態系統中的工具和庫,以及如何使用它們為真實世界的網絡項目創建完整的應用程序。

作者 Maya Shavin 解釋了如何使用 Vue.js 库中的各種工具創建完整的應用程序開發流程。您將學習如何使用 Pinia 架構在組件之間處理數據通信,為前端項目開發可管理的路由系統以控制應用程序流程,並產生基本的動畫效果以提供更好的用戶體驗。

- 使用 Vue.js 創建可重用且輕量級的組件系統
- 將響應性引入現有的靜態應用程序
- 使用 Vite.js(一個用於前端項目代碼管理的構建工具)設置項目
- 使用 Pinia 構建一個交互式的前端應用程序狀態管理系統
- 將服務器上的外部數據連接到您的 Vue 應用程序
- 使用 Vue Router 進行靜態和動態路由來控制應用程序流程
- 使用 Vitest 和 Playwright 全面測試您的應用程序