Computer Science Principles V10

Clive W. Humphris


This book can be used independently as a study and revision text or in conjunction with the complimentary PC software download to accompany the book. Pages have lots of white space to encourage additional comments and scribbled notes thereby making learning more interesting and enjoyable. All the topics listed in the table of contents will be found through the menu and search features. The pack software can be installed on as many single machines as you wish or the school network server for an unlimited number of users. The accompanying software used in schools and colleges worldwide for over twenty years brings all these images to life and can be downloaded at no extra charge, thereby providing an additional computer based interactive learning resource as an easy and enjoyable way to learn through doing! See ‘Additional Notes’ at the back of the book for how to download and unlock the accompanying software with your book payment receipt. Features of FREE Software (Incl. Physically Disabled Users) to accompany your eBook: Last published 2010 - All Windows platforms including Windows 8 - Hundreds of color fully interactive images where every value change updates the graphics and calculations - Explanatory text - Related topics are presented together in single windows - Default typical values - Full color printing single page with image for user values, text, calculations and graphs if part of topic - Copy & Paste (a feature that was used to construct all the accompanying eBook content) - Ideal for teachers making student hand-outs and assignments - Calculations and graphing widows open independently to check students calculations - Full screen whiteboard technology for whole class teaching (teachers packs eBooks and School Site Licence) - Self-Assessment questions with random values with multiple choice answers - Electronics and maths Toolbox (electronics and STEM titles) as used by professionals to quickly make all those standard calculations without having to remember the formula - For Business Studies Students there are additional features to interactively explore Break-Even charts and Supply & Demand curves - Drop down menus with topic search - Click forward and back through topics makes revision more enjoyable -Specialist Editors for equations, logic, graphs, statistics and algebra enable calculations and equations from any standard textbook to be inserted and explored changing just one value or variable at a time - BASIC programmer with full instructions to learn in minutes using statement wizards - For physically disabled users software can be operated independently of the keyboard using mouse clicks only or other voice, sight or wind activated pointing devices to choose topics and change values.