Large Event Security Planning and Emergency Management

Black, David R., Dietz, J. Eric

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This book examines the safety and security of event planning, from small and mid-sized events to large scale events requiring cross-jurisdictional and, potentially, national authority involvement. Natural (earthquakes, tsunamis, severe weather) and man-made (terrorism, chemical spills, train derailments) disasters present challenges for large event planners. Risk assessments are covered as well as the event planning process, response planning, crisis management, and the decision-making and chain-of-authority framework necessary to take critical action during and immediately following a crisis.




David R. Black, PhD, MPH, HSPP, CHES, CPPE, FASHA, FSBM, FAAHB, FAAHE, is a professor of public health at Purdue University in the Department of Health and Kinesiology and holds adjunct appointments in Health Sciences, Nutrition Sciences, and Nursing. He is also the associate director of the Homeland Security Institute (PHSI). He completed his doctorate in psychology at Stanford University and his MPH degree in Health Promotion and Behavioral Epidemiology at San Diego State University. He is fellow of five different health organizations and has received more than 40 federal, national, and state awards or recognitions for his contributions to public health. He is a retired Army Colonel and a graduate of the US Army War College. The combination of his public health and military education and training were a natural segue to focus on catastrophic events of all sizes. The relationship between public health and homeland security has been symbiotic among administrative units, faculty, and students. Examples of multidisciplinary projects encompass statewide pandemic training exercises and assessments of agency or state disaster plans; development of plans and evaluation procedures and methods for small, medium, and large events; training individuals to properly and efficiently screen for events; use military leadership models for public health and disaster preparedness by focusing on and teaching appropriate command structure based on the size of the event; and how to coordinate and use resources to mitigate unnecessary morbidity and mortality related to event evacuation.

J. Eric Dietz, PhD, PE, is the director of the Purdue Homeland Security Institute and professor of computer and information technology at Purdue University. Dr. Dietz's research interests include optimization of emergency response, homeland security and defense, energy security, and engaging veterans in higher education. As a director in Purdue's Discovery Park, Dr. Dietz is responsible for the catalysis of the Purdue's homeland security research enterprise, increasing the impact of Purdue on society, and organizing large multidisciplinary projects within Purdue.

Prior to his current responsibilities, Dr. Dietz was on loan from Purdue to Indiana's Governor as the founding executive director for The Indiana Department of Homeland Security, a new state agency responsible for planning and response placing the responsibility for the safety and security of 6.2 million Indiana residents. His duties included reorganization of five state agencies into functional divisions responsible for the development of plans, training, and exercise to improve the emergency response for Indiana governmental functions. He also led the Governor's Counterterrorism and Security Council, a multiagency organization guiding Indiana's homeland security policy. The comprehensive emergency management command and control systems he developed were tested by seven Presidential Declared Disasters and emergencies including Indiana's task force response to Hurricane Katrina. Under his leadership, Indiana added new statutory programs and funding that enhanced statewide emergency services. His leadership also helped accomplish a long sought objective to the fire service in the Indiana State Fire Training System to offer standardized training to over 26,000 Indiana first responders. Dr. Dietz led the formation of the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center to coordinate all crimes and terrorism law enforcement intelligence. He also established a state disaster fund which provided process and funding to support individuals and local government following disasters. He was a board member for several national and regional boards which included the Central United States Earthquake Consortium, the Certified Emergency Manager Commission, Homeland Security Consortium, the National Weather Service Storm Ready program, Federal Emergency Management Agency Region 5 Advisory Council and National Emergency Managers Association.

Retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel from the U.S. Army in 2004, Dr. Dietz led a number of Army Acquisition programs throughout his military career including power systems, chemical sensors and command and control systems. Balancing a career between tactical and research jobs, he was able to effectively lead the military as well as the civilian workforce in projects of technical sophistication between detections systems to command and control systems.


David R. Black博士,MPH,HSPP,CHES,CPPE,FASHA,FSBM,FAAHB,FAAHE,是普渡大學健康與運動學系的公共衛生教授,並在健康科學、營養科學和護理學方面擔任兼職職位。他還是國土安全研究所(PHSI)的副主任。他在斯坦福大學完成了心理學博士學位,並在聖地亞哥州立大學獲得了健康促進和行為流行病學的MPH學位。他是五個不同健康組織的會士,並因其對公共衛生的貢獻而獲得了40多個聯邦、國家和州級的獎項或表彰。他是一名退伍軍人上校,畢業於美國陸軍戰爭學院。他的公共衛生和軍事教育和培訓的結合自然而然地導致了對各種規模的災難事件的關注。公共衛生與國土安全之間的關係在行政單位、教職員和學生之間是共生的。跨學科項目的例子包括全州範圍的大流行病培訓演習和機構或州災難計劃的評估;制定計劃和評估程序和方法,以應對小型、中型和大型事件;培訓個人以正確高效地篩查事件;使用軍事領導模型來進行公共衛生和災難準備,重點是根據事件的規模來教授適當的指揮結構;以及如何協調和利用資源以減輕與事件撤離相關的不必要的發病率和死亡率。

J. Eric Dietz博士,PE,是普渡大學國土安全研究所的所長,也是普渡大學計算機和信息技術的教授。Dietz博士的研究興趣包括緊急響應的優化、國土安全和防禦、能源安全以及將退伍軍人納入高等教育。作為普渡大學Discovery Park的一名所長,Dietz博士負責促進普渡大學的國土安全研究事業,提高普渡對社會的影響力,並組織普渡大學內的大型跨學科項目。