Essential C# 7.0 (6th Edition)

Mark Michaelis



The Comprehensive, Expert Guide to C# Language Programming


“This book has been a classic for years, and remains one of the most venerable and trusted titles in the world of C# content, and probably far beyond! . . . Mark is super smart, insists on understanding everything to the core, and has phenomenal insight into how things affect real developers. . . . He goes right to the essence and communicates with great integrity—no sugarcoating—and has a keen eye for practical value and real-world problems.”

–Mads Torgersen, C# Program Manager, Microsoft

Essential C# 7.0 is a well-organized, no-fluff guide to C# 7.0 for programmers at all levels of experience. Reflecting the most important C# features from 3.0 through 7.0 and including modern programming patterns, it will help you write code that’s simple, powerful, robust, secure, and maintainable.


Author Mark Michaelis is a world-class C# expert: a long-time Microsoft MVP and Regional Director who also has served on Microsoft’s C# design review team. He presents a comprehensive tutorial and reference for the entire language, including expert coverage of key C# 7.0 enhancements, C# 7.0’s use with .NET Core/.NET Standard, and cross-platform compilation. He illustrates key C# constructs with succinct examples, and presents best-practice coding guidelines. To help you maintain existing code, separate indexes provide version-specific answers for C# 5.0, 6.0, and 7.0, and visual icons show when each language innovation was introduced.

  • Make the most of C# 7.0 enhancements, including tuples, deconstructors, pattern matching, local functions, and ref returns
  • Work efficiently with C# data types, operators, control flow, methods, and parameters
  • Write more robust code with C# object-oriented constructs
  • Implement reliable, effective exception handling
  • Reduce code complexity with generics, delegates, lambda expressions, and events
  • Leverage advanced dynamic and declarative programming techniques
  • Query diverse data collections using LINQ with query expressions
  • Create custom collections that operate against business objects
  • Access .NET collections via collection interfaces and standard query operators
  • Master multithreading and synchronization, including the async/await paradigm
  • Optimize performance and interoperability with P/Invoke and unsafe code
  • Run your code on Linux or macOS with C# 7.0 cross-platform compilation
  • Includes C# 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 language enhancements

This guide offers you a complete foundation for successful development with modern versions of the C# language in any project or environment.





- Mads Torgersen,C#程式經理,微軟

《Essential C# 7.0》是一本組織有序、不浮誇的C# 7.0指南,適用於各種程式設計經驗的程式設計師。它反映了從3.0到7.0的最重要的C#功能,包括現代編程模式,它將幫助您編寫簡潔、強大、健壯、安全和可維護的代碼。

作者Mark Michaelis是一位世界級的C#專家:他是長期的微軟MVP和區域總監,也曾在微軟的C#設計審查團隊中擔任職務。他提供了一個全面的教程和參考,涵蓋了整個語言,包括對C# 7.0的關鍵增強功能的專業覆蓋,C# 7.0在.NET Core/.NET Standard中的使用以及跨平台編譯。他用簡潔的例子說明了C#的關鍵構造,並提供了最佳實踐的編碼指南。為了幫助您維護現有的代碼,分別提供了C# 5.0、6.0和7.0的版本特定答案,並使用視覺圖示顯示了每個語言創新的引入時間。

- 充分利用C# 7.0的增強功能,包括元組、解構器、模式匹配、本地函數和ref返回
- 高效處理C#數據類型、運算符、控制流、方法和參數
- 使用C#面向對象的結構編寫更健壯的代碼
- 實現可靠、有效的異常處理
- 通過泛型、委託、lambda表達式和事件減少代碼複雜性
- 利用高級動態和聲明式編程技術
- 使用LINQ和查詢表達式查詢各種數據集合
- 創建針對業務對象操作的自定義集合
- 通過集合接口和標準查詢運算符訪問.NET集合
- 掌握多線程和同步,包括async/await範式
- 通過P/Invoke和不安全代碼優化性能和互操作性
- 使用C# 7.0跨平台編譯在Linux或macOS上運行代碼
- 包括C# 7.1、7.2和7.3的語言增強功能