Pyramid Algorithms: A Dynamic Programming Approach to Curves and Surfaces for Ge

Ron Goldman




Pyramid Algorithms presents a unique approach to understanding, analyzing, and computing the most common polynomial and spline curve and surface schemes used in computer-aided geometric design, employing a dynamic programming method based on recursive pyramids.  
The recursive pyramid approach offers the distinct advantage of revealing the entire structure of algorithms, as well as relationships between them, at a glance. This book-the only one built around this approach-is certain to change the way you think about CAGD and the way you perform it, and all it requires is a basic background in calculus and linear algebra, and simple programming skills.  


Chapter 1. Foundations  
Chapter 2. Lagrange Interpolation and Neville's Algorithm  
Chapter 3. Hermite Interpolation and the Extended Neville Algorithm  
Chapter 4. Newton Interpolation and Difference Triangles  
Chapter 5. Bezier Approximation and Pascal's Triangle  
Chapter 6. Blossoming  
Chapter 7. B-Spline Approximation and the de Boor Algorithm  
Chapter 8. Pyramid Algorithms for Multi-Sided Bezier Patches