SQL: 1999 - Understanding Relational Language Components (Paperback)

Jim Melton, Alan R. Simon

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  • 出版日期: 2001-05-18
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This book is the best way to make the leap from SQL-92 to SQL:1999, but it is much more than just a simple bridge between the two. The latest from celebrated SQL experts Jim Melton and Alan Simon, SQL:1999 is a comprehensive, eminently practical account of SQL's latest incarnation and a potent distillation of the details required to put it to work. Written to accommodate both novice and experienced SQL users, SQL:1999 focuses on the language's capabilities, from the basic to the advanced, and the ways that real applications take advantage of them. Throughout, the authors illustrate features and techniques with clear and often entertaining references to their own custom database, which can be downloaded from the companion Web site.


  • Gives authoritative coverage from an expert team that includes the editor of the SQL-92 and SQL:1999 standards.
  • Provides a general introduction to SQL that helps you understand its constituent parts, history, and place in the realm of computer languages.
  • Explains SQL:1999's more sophisticated features, including advanced value expressions, predicates, advanced SQL query expressions, and support for active databases.
  • Explores key issues for programmers linking applications to SQL databases.
  • Provides guidance on troubleshooting, internationalization, and changes anticipated in the next version of SQL.
  • Contains appendices devoted to database design, a complete SQL:1999 example, the standardization process, and more.

Jim Melton is editor of all parts of ISO/IEC 9075 (SQL) and representative for database standards at Oracle Corporation. Since 1986, he has been his company's representative to ANSI NCITS Technical Committee H2 for Database and a US representative to ISO/IEC JTCI/SC32/WG3. He was the editor of SQL-92 and the recently published SQL:1999 suite of standards, and is the author of several SQL books.

Alan Simon is a leading authority on data warehousing and database technology. He is the author of 26 books, including the previous edition of this book and the forthcoming Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for e-Commerce, available from Morgan Kaufmann Publishers in early 2001. He currently provides data warehousing-related consulting services to clients.

Table of Contents:

Full Table of Contents (PDF Sample)
Preface (PDF Sample)
Chapter 1 - Database and Technology Foundations (PDF Sample)
Chapter 2 - Introduction to SQL:1999
Chapter 3 - Basic Table Creation and Data Manipulation
Chapter 4 - Basic Data Definition Language
Chapter 5 - Values, Basic Functions and Expressions
Chapter 6 - Advanced Value Expressions
Chapter 7 - Predicates
Chapter 8 - Working with Multiple Tables
Chapter 9 - Advanced SQL Query Expressions
Chapter 10 - Constraints, Assertions, and Referential Integrity
Chapter 11 - Active Databases
Chapter 12 - Accessing SQL From the Real World
Chapter 13 - Cursors
Chapter 14 - Privileges, Users, and Security
Chapter 15 - Transaction Management
Chapter 16 - Connections and Remote Database Access
Chapter 17 - Routines and Routine Invocations
Chapter 18 - Dynamic SQL: 1999
Chapter 19 - Call-Level Interface
Chapter 20 - Diagnostics and Error Management
Chapter 21 - Internationalization Aspects of SQL: 1999
Chapter 22 - Information Schema
Chapter 23 - A Look to the Future
Appendix A - Designing SQL:1999 Databases
Appendix B - An SQL:1999 Application Example
Appendix C - The SQL:1999 Annexes
Appendix D - Relevant Standards Bodies
Appendix E - Status Codes
Appendix F - The SQL Standardization Process


Appendix G in Word 97 format

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這本書是從SQL-92到SQL:1999的最佳學習方式,但它不僅僅是兩者之間的簡單橋樑。由SQL專家Jim Melton和Alan Simon合著的最新作品《SQL:1999》是SQL最新版本的全面且實用的介紹,也是將其應用於實際工作所需的重要細節的精煉。《SQL:1999》旨在滿足初學者和有經驗的SQL使用者的需求,重點介紹了語言的能力,從基礎到高級,以及實際應用中如何利用這些能力。在整本書中,作者通過對自己的自定義數據庫的清晰且有趣的參考來說明功能和技術,該數據庫可以從配套網站上下載。

- 由包括SQL-92和SQL:1999標準編輯在內的專家團隊提供權威的覆蓋範圍。
- 提供SQL的一般介紹,幫助您了解其組成部分、歷史和在計算機語言領域的地位。
- 解釋SQL:1999的更高級功能,包括高級值表達式、謂詞、高級SQL查詢表達式和對活動數據庫的支持。
- 探討將應用程序與SQL數據庫鏈接的關鍵問題。
- 提供疑難排解、國際化和下一個SQL版本中預期的變化的指導。
- 包含專門介紹數據庫設計、完整SQL:1999示例、標準化過程等的附錄。

Jim Melton是ISO/IEC 9075(SQL)的所有部分的編輯者,也是Oracle Corporation的數據庫標準代表。自1986年以來,他一直是該公司在ANSI NCITS技術委員會H2(數據庫)的代表,也是ISO/IEC JTCI/SC32/WG3的美國代表。他是SQL-92和最近發布的SQL:1999一系列標準的編輯者,也是幾本SQL書籍的作者。

Alan Simon是數據倉儲和數據庫技術的權威。他是26本書的作者,包括本書的前一版和即將於2001年初由Morgan Kaufmann Publishers出版的《面向電子商務的數據倉儲和商業智能》。他目前為客戶提供與數據倉儲相關的咨詢服務。

- 完整目錄(PDF樣本)
- 前言(PDF樣本)
- 第1章 - 數據庫和技術基礎(PDF樣本)
- 第2章 - SQL:1999簡介
- 第3章 - 基本表創建和數據操作
- 第4章 - 基本數據定義語言
- 第5章 - 值、基本函數和表達式
- 第6章 - 高級值表達式
- 第7章 - 謂詞
- 第8章 - 使用多個表
- 第9章 - 高級SQL查詢表達式
- 第10章 - 約束、斷言和參照完整性
- 第11章 - 活動數據庫
- 第12章 - 從現實世界訪問SQL
- 第13章 - 游標
- 第14章 - 權限、用戶和安全性
- 第15章 - 事務管理
- 第16章 - 連接和遠程數據庫訪問
- 第17章 - 例程和例程調用
- 第18章 - 動態SQL:1999
- 第19章 - 調用級別接口
- 第20章 - 診斷和錯誤管理
- 第21章 - 國際化方面