GUI Bloopers Don'ts and Do's for Software Developers and Web Designers

Jeff Johnson

  • 出版商: Morgan Kaufmann
  • 出版日期: 2000-03-31
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 576
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1558605827
  • ISBN-13: 9781558605824
  • 相關分類: 使用者介面 UI網頁設計
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"Better read this book, or your design will be featured in Bloopers II. Seriously, bloopers may be fun in Hollywood outtakes, but no movie director would include them in the final film. So why do we find so many bloopers in shipped software? Follow Jeff Johnson as he leads the blooper patrol deep into enemy territory: he takes no prisoners but reveals all the design stupidities that users have been cursing over the years."

-Jakob Nielsen
Usability Guru, Nielsen Norman Group

"If you are a software developer, read this book, especially if you don't think you need it. Don't worry, it isn't filled with abstract and useless theory--this is a book for doers, code writers, and those in the front trenches. Buy it, read it, and take two sections daily."

-Don Norman
President, UNext Learning Systems

GUI Bloopers looks at user interface design bloopers from commercial software, Web sites, and information appliances, explaining how intelligent, well-intentioned professionals made these dreadful mistakes--and how you can avoid them. While equipping you with all the theory needed to learn from these examples, GUI expert Jeff Johnson also presents the reality of interface design in an entertaining, anecdotal, and instructive way.

This is an excellent, well-illustrated resource for anyone whose work touches on usability issues, including software engineers, Web site designers, managers of development processes, QA professionals, and usability professionals.


  • Takes a learn-by-example approach that teaches you to avoid common errors by asking the appropriate questions of your own interface designs.
  • Includes two complete war stories, drawn from the author's personal experience, that describe in detail the challenges faced by UI engineers.
  • Covers bloopers in a wide range of categories: GUI components, layout and appearance, text messages, interaction strategies, Web site design, responsiveness issues, management decision-making, and even more at
  • Organized and formatted based on the results of its own usability testing--so you can quickly find the information you need, packaged in easily digested pieces.


Jeff Johnson is president and principal consultant at UI Wizards, Inc., a product usability consulting firm ( He has worked in the field of Human-Computer Interaction since 1978--as software designer and implementer, usability tester, manager, researcher at several computer and telecommunications companies, and consultant. In the course of his career, he has written many articles, cowritten several books, and given numerous presentations on a variety of topics in Human-Computer Interaction.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: First Principles
Chapter 2: GUI Component Bloopers
Chapter 3: Layout and Appearance Bloopers
Chapter 4: Textual Bloopers
Chapter 5: Interaction Bloopers
Chapter 6: Web Bloopers
Chapter 7: Responsiveness Bloopers
Chapter 8: Management Bloopers
Chapter 9: Software Reviews
Chapter 10: War Stories of a User-Interface Consultant


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「如果你不讀這本書,你的設計可能會出現在《Bloopers II》中。說真的,拍攝失誤在好萊塢的花絮中可能很有趣,但是沒有電影導演會將它們包含在最終的電影中。那麼為什麼我們在已發行的軟體中找到這麼多失誤呢?跟隨Jeff Johnson帶領的失誤巡邏隊深入敵區:他不留活口,揭示了多年來使用者一直在詛咒的所有設計愚蠢。」
- Jakob Nielsen
可用性專家,Nielsen Norman Group

「如果你是一個軟體開發者,讀這本書,尤其是如果你認為你不需要它的話。別擔心,它不會充斥著抽象和無用的理論 - 這是一本給實踐者、程式碼撰寫者和前線人員的書。買下它,讀它,每天服用兩節。」
- Don Norman
UNext Learning Systems總裁

GUI Bloopers從商業軟體、網站和資訊設備中探討使用者介面設計的失誤,解釋了聰明、有良好意圖的專業人士如何犯下這些可怕的錯誤 - 以及你如何避免它們。GUI專家Jeff Johnson在娛樂性、軼事性和教育性的方式中呈現了介面設計的現實,同時提供了所有需要從這些例子中學習的理論。


- 以學習通過例子的方式,通過對自己的介面設計提出適當的問題,教你避免常見的錯誤。
- 包含兩個完整的戰爭故事,根據作者的個人經驗,詳細描述了UI工程師面臨的挑戰。
- 涵蓋了各種類別的失誤:GUI元件、佈局和外觀、文字訊息、互動策略、網站設計、響應性問題、管理決策,以及更多在www.GUI-bloopers.com上。
- 根據自身的可用性測試結果進行組織和格式化 - 這樣你可以快速找到所需的信息,並以易於理解的方式呈現。

Jeff Johnson是UI Wizards, Inc.的總裁和首席顧問,一家產品可用性諮詢公司(。他從1978年開始從事人機交互領域的工作 - 軟體設計師和實施者、可用性測試員、經理、幾家電腦和電信公司的研究員和顧問。在他的職業生涯中,他撰寫了許多文章,共同撰寫了幾本書,並在人機交互的各種主題上進行了許多演講。

- 第1章:基本原則
- 第2章:GUI元件失誤
- 第3章:佈局和外觀失誤
- 第4章:文字失誤
- 第5章:互動失誤
- 第6章:網站失誤
- 第7章:響應性失誤
- 第8章:管理失誤
- 第9章