Component Database Systems

Klaus R. Dittrich

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  • 出版日期: 2000-10-16
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  • ISBN-13: 9781558606425
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"We have in hand a wonderful book to show us how far database technology has been able to move in the direction of component databases, and what enormous challenges and ensuing rewards still lie ahead."

-- Peter C. Lockemann, Universit酹 Karlsruhe

Component Database Systems is a collection of invited chapters by the researchers making the most influential contributions in the database industry's trend toward componentization

This book represents the sometimes-divergent, sometimes-convergent approaches taken by leading database vendors as they seek to establish commercially viable componentization strategies. Together, these contributions form the first book devoted entirely to the technical and architectural design of component-based database systems. In addition to detailing the current state of their research, the authors also take up many of the issues affecting the likely future directions of component databases.

If you have a stake in the evolution of any of today's leading database systems, this book will make fascinating reading. It will also help prepare you for the technology that is likely to become widely available over the next several years.


  • Is comprised of contributions from the field's most highly respected researchers, including key figures at IBM, Oracle, Informix, Microsoft, and POET.
  • Represents the entire spectrum of approaches taken by leading software companies working on DBMS componentization strategies.
  • Covers component-focused architectures, methods for hooking components into an overall system, and support for component development.
  • Examines the component technologies that are most valuable to Web-based and multimedia databases.
  • Presents a thorough classification and overview of component database systems.


Klaus R. Dittrich is a professor in the Department of Information Technology at the University of Zurich, where he heads the Database Technology Research Group. he is the current secretary of the VLDB Endowment Board and has been a member of the ACM SIGMOD Advisory Committee. Professor Dittrich has been nominated as a Distinguished Speaker under the IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visitors. He has over 100 scientific publications in the area of database technology and, in particular, has followed and influenced the development of object database technology from its inception.

Andreas Geppert is a senior researcher in the Database Technology Research Group at the University of Zurich. He has been working on object-oriented and active database systems and DMBS architecture and related topics for many years and has numerous publications in these areas.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Component Database Systems: Introduction, Foundations and Overview
Chapter 2 - Distributed Component Database Management Systems
Chapter 3 - All Your Data: The Oracle Extensibility Architecture
Chapter 4 - Extensible Indexing Support in DB2 Universal Database
Chapter 5 - Enabling Component Databases with OLE DB
Chapter 6 - An Architecture for Transparent Access to Diverse Data Sources
Chapter 7 Building Component Database Systems Using CORBA
Chapter 8 - The Architecture of a Database System for Mobile and Embedded Devices
Chapter 9 - Conclusions and Perspectives

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-- Peter C. Lockemann, 卡爾斯魯厄大學
- 由該領域最受尊敬的研究人員貢獻,包括IBM、Oracle、Informix、Microsoft和POET的關鍵人物。
- 代表領先軟件公司在DBMS組件化策略上所採取的全部方法。
- 包括以組件為中心的架構、將組件鉤入整個系統的方法以及支持組件開發的技術。
- 檢視對基於Web和多媒體數據庫最有價值的組件技術。
- 提供對組件數據庫系統的全面分類和概述。

Klaus R. Dittrich是蘇黎世大學信息技術系的教授,他領導著數據庫技術研究小組。他是VLDB Endowment Board的秘書,也是ACM SIGMOD咨詢委員會的成員。Dittrich教授被提名為IEEE計算機學會傑出訪問學者。他在數據庫技術領域擁有100多篇科學論文,特別是從其創始以來一直關注並影響著對象數據庫技術的發展。
Andreas Geppert是蘇黎世大學數據庫技術研究小組的高級研究員。他多年來一直在對象導向和活動數據庫系統以及DMBS架構和相關主題上工作,並在這些領域有許多出版物。

- 第1章 - 組件化數據庫系統:介紹、基礎和概述
- 第2章 - 分佈式組件數據庫管理系統
- 第3章 - 所有數據:Oracle可擴展性架構
- 第4章 - DB2通用數據庫中的可擴展索引支持
- 第5章 - 使用OLE DB實現組件數據庫
- 第6章 - 透明訪問多樣數據源的架構
- 第7章 - 使用CORBA構建組件數據庫系統
- 第8章 - 一個數據庫組件化的架構