Information Modeling and Relational Databases: From Conceptual Analysis to Logic (Paperback)

Terry Halpin



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Information Modeling and Relational Databases provides an introduction to ORM (Object Role Modeling)-and much more. In fact, it's the only book to go beyond introductory coverage and provide all of the in-depth instruction you need to transform knowledge from domain experts into a sound database design.

Inside, ORM authority Terry Halpin blends conceptual information with practical instruction that will let you begin using ORM effectively as soon as possible. Supported by examples, exercises, and useful background information, his step-by-step approach teaches you to develop a natural-language-based ORM model and then, where needed, abstract ER and UML models from it. This book will quickly make you proficient in the modeling technique that is proving vital to the development of accurate and efficient databases that best meet real business objectives.


  • The most in-depth coverage of Object Role Modeling available anywhere-written by a pioneer in the development of ORM.
  • Provides additional coverage of Entity Relationship (ER) modeling and the Unified Modeling Language-all from an ORM perspective.
  • Intended for anyone with a stake in the accuracy and efficacy of databases: systems analysts, information modelers, database designers and administrators, instructors, managers, and programmers.
  • Explains and illustrates required concepts from mathematics and set theory.
  • Via a companion Web site, provides answers to exercises, appendices covering the history of computer generations, subtype matrices, and advanced SQL queries, and links to downloadable ORM tools.


Dr. Terry Halpin is Program Manager in the Database Modeling, Enterprise Framework, and Tools Unit at Microsoft Corporation. During a lengthy career as an academic in computer science, he also worked in industry on database modeling technology and as a data modeling consultant. Recent positions include Head of Database Research at Asymetrix, Research Director at InfoModelers, and Director of Database Strategy for Visio.

Table of Contents:

Industrial foreword
Academic foreword
1 Introduction
2 Information levels and frameworks
3 Conceptual modeling: first steps
4 Uniqueness constraints
5 Mandatory roles
6 Value, set comparison and subtype constraints
7 Other constraints and final checks
8 Entity relationship modeling
9 Data modeling in UML
10 Relational mapping
11 Relational languages
12 Schema transformations
13 Other modeling aspects and trends
ORM glossary
ER glossary
UML glossary



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在這本書中,ORM權威Terry Halpin將概念信息與實用指導相結合,讓您能夠盡快有效地使用ORM。通過示例、練習和有用的背景信息的支持,他的逐步方法教您開發基於自然語言的ORM模型,並在需要時從中抽象出ER和UML模型。這本書將迅速使您熟練掌握這種建模技術,這對於開發符合真實業務目標的準確高效的資料庫至關重要。

- 最深入的物件角色建模的涵蓋範圍,由ORM發展的先驅者撰寫。
- 提供了對實體關係(ER)建模和統一建模語言的進一步涵蓋範圍,全部從ORM的角度出發。
- 適用於所有關心資料庫準確性和效能的人:系統分析師、資訊建模師、資料庫設計師和管理員、教師、經理和程式設計師。
- 解釋並說明了數學和集合理論中所需的概念。
- 通過配套網站,提供練習答案、涵蓋計算機世代歷史、子類型矩陣和高級SQL查詢的附錄,以及可下載的ORM工具的鏈接。

Terry Halpin博士是微軟公司數據庫建模、企業框架和工具單位的計劃經理。在計算機科學的學術界擁有長期的職業生涯期間,他還在業界從事過資料庫建模技術和數據建模顧問的工作。最近的職位包括Asymetrix的數據庫研究主管、InfoModelers的研究總監和Visio的數據庫戰略總監。

- 工業序言
- 學術序言
- 前言
- 第1章 簡介
- 第2章 資訊層次和框架
- 第3章 概念建模:第一步
- 第4章 唯一性約束
- 第5章 強制角色
- 第6章 值、集合比較和子類型約束
- 第7章 其他約束和最終檢查
- 第8章 實體關係建模
- 第9章 UML中的資料建模
- 第10章 關聯映射
- 第11章 關聯語言
- 第12章 模式轉換
- 第13章 其他建模方面和趨勢
- 答案
- 參考文獻
- ORM詞彙表
- ER詞彙表
- UML詞彙表
- 索引

- 書籍示例
- 附錄