Forms that Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability

Caroline Jarrett, Gerry Gaffney



Forms are everywhere on the web - for registration and communicating, for commerce and government. Good forms make for happier customers, better data, and reduced support costs. Bad forms fill your organization's databases with inaccuracies and duplicates and can cause loss of potential consumers.

Designing good forms is trickier than people think. Jarrett and Gaffney come to the rescue with Designing Forms that Work, clearly explaining exactly how to design great forms for the web. Liberally illustrated with full-color examples, it guides readers on how to define requirements, how to write questions that users will understand and want to answer, and how to deal with instructions, progress indicators and errors.

*Provides proven and practical advice that will help you avoid pitfalls, and produce forms that are aesthetically pleasing, efficient and cost-effective.

*Features invaluable design methods, tips, and tricks to help ensure accurate data and satisfied customers.

*Includes dozens of examples -- from nitty-gritty details (label alignment, mandatory fields) to visual designs (creating good grids, use of color).

*Foreword by Steve Krug, author of the best selling Don't Make Me Think!


網路上到處都有表單 - 用於註冊和溝通、商業和政府。好的表單能讓客戶更滿意,獲得更好的數據,並降低支援成本。糟糕的表單會導致組織的數據庫充斥著不準確和重複的資料,並可能造成潛在消費者的損失。


* 提供經過驗證和實用的建議,幫助您避免陷阱,並製作出美觀、高效和具有成本效益的表單。
* 提供寶貴的設計方法、技巧和訣竅,確保準確的數據和滿意的客戶。
* 包含數十個示例 - 從細節(標籤對齊、必填字段)到視覺設計(創建良好的網格、使用顏色)。
* 前言由暢銷書《別讓我思考!》的作者Steve Krug撰寫。