Complete Maya Programming: An Extensive Guide to MEL and C++ API (Paperback)

David Gould



Learning Maya, the world's leading 3D animation and effects package, is a challenge, especially for those who want to master Maya's versatile programming features in addition to its built-in tools.  
Finally, here is a practical, step-by-step guide that shows how to use Maya to its fullest potential, beginning with the basics. Readers of Complete Maya Programming will first gain a thorough understanding of Maya's inner workings, and then learn how to customize and extend Maya with scripts and plugins that take control and productivity to new levels.  
Users new to programming can apply Maya's easy scripting language MEL (Maya Embedded Language), while more advanced users can work with the C++ API (Application Progamming Interface). Both a fundamental tutorial for Maya beginners and a solid reference for experienced developers, Complete Maya Programming is every user's guide to Maya mastery.


Source Files  
Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter  
1.1 Maya's Programmability  
1.2 Programming Interfaces  
Chapter 2: Fundamental Maya Concepts  
2.1 Maya Architecture  
2.2 Dependency Graph  
Chapter 3: MEL  
3.1 Introduction  
3.2 The MEL Programming Language  
3.3 Scripting  
3.4 Objects  
3.5 Animation  
3.6 Graphical User Interfaces  
3.7 Expressions  
Chapter 4: C++ API  
4.1 Introduction  
4.2 Fundamental Concepts  
4.3 Developing Plugins  
4.4 Commands  
4.5 Nodes  
4.6 Locators  
4.7 Manipulators  
4.8 Deformers  
4.9 Advanced C++ API  
Appendix A: Additional Resources  
Appendix B: MEL for C Programmers  
Appendix C: Further Reading  
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