Exploring Expect

Don Libes

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  • 出版日期: 1995-01-10
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  • ISBN-13: 9781565920903
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Expect is quickly becoming a part of every UNIX user's toolbox. It allows you to automate Telnet, FTP, passwd, rlogin, and hundreds of other applications that normally require human interaction. Using Expect to automate these applications will allow you to speed up tasks and, in many cases, solve new problems that you never would have even considered before.

For example, you can use Expect to test interactive programs with no changes to their interfaces. Or wrap interactive programs with Motif-like front-ends to control applications by buttons, scrollbars, and other graphic elements with no recompilation of the original programs. You don't even need the source code! Expect works with remote applications, too. Use it to tie together Internet applications including Telnet, Archie, FTP, Gopher, and Mosaic.

Don Libes is the creator of Expect as well as the author of this book. In Exploring Expect, he provides a comprehensive tutorial on all of Expect's features, allowing you to put it immediately to work on your problems. In a down-to-earth and humorous style, he provides numerous examples of challenging real-world applications and how they can be automated using Expect to save you time and money.

Expect is the first of a new breed of programs based on Tcl, the Tool Command Language that is rocking the computer science community. This book provides an introduction to Tcl and describes how Expect applies Tcl's power to the new field of interaction automation. Whether your interest is in Expect or interaction automation or you simply want to learn about Tcl and see how it has been used in real software, you will find Exploring Expect a treasure trove of easy-to-understand and valuable information.



Expect 迅速成為每個 UNIX 使用者工具箱中的一部分。它允許您自動化 Telnet、FTP、passwd、rlogin 和其他需要人工互動的數百個應用程式。使用 Expect 自動化這些應用程式將使您能夠加快任務速度,並在許多情況下解決以前從未考慮過的新問題。

例如,您可以使用 Expect 測試互動式程式,而無需更改其介面。或者使用類似 Motif 的前端包裝互動式程式,通過按鈕、滾動條和其他圖形元素來控制應用程式,而無需重新編譯原始程式。您甚至不需要源代碼!Expect 也可以與遠程應用程式一起使用。使用它來結合 Telnet、Archie、FTP、Gopher 和 Mosaic 等互聯網應用程式。

Don Libes 是 Expect 的創作者,也是本書的作者。在《探索 Expect》中,他提供了對 Expect 所有功能的全面教程,讓您可以立即將其應用於解決問題。以平易近人和幽默的風格,他提供了許多具有挑戰性的實際應用程式示例,以及如何使用 Expect 自動化這些應用程式,從而節省您的時間和金錢。

Expect 是基於 Tcl 的新一代程式的首個代表,Tcl 是一種在計算機科學界引起轟動的工具命令語言。本書介紹了 Tcl,並描述了 Expect 如何將 Tcl 的強大功能應用於互動自動化的新領域。無論您對 Expect 或互動自動化感興趣,或者只是想了解 Tcl 並看看它如何在實際軟體中使用,您都會發現《探索 Expect》是一個易於理解且寶貴的資訊寶庫。