Practical C Programming, 3/e (Paperback)

Steve Oualline

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 1997-09-09
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1565923065
  • ISBN-13: 9781565923065
  • 相關分類: C 程式語言
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There are lots of introductory C books, but this is the first one that has the no-nonsense, practical approach that has made Nutshell Handbooks(R) famous.

C programming is more than just getting the syntax right. Style and debugging also play a tremendous part in creating programs that run well and are easy to maintain. This book teaches you not only the mechanics of programming, but also describes how to create programs that are easy to read, debug, and update.

Practical rules are stressed. For example, there are fifteen precedence rules in C (&& comes before || comes before ?:). The practical programmer reduces these to two:

  • Multiplication and division come before addition and subtraction.

Contrary to popular belief, most programmers do not spend most of their time creating code. Most of their time is spent modifying someone else's code. This books shows you how to avoid the all-too-common obfuscated uses of C (and also to recognize these uses when you encounter them in existing programs) and thereby to leave code that the programmer responsible for maintenance does not have to struggle with. Electronic Archaeology, the art of going through someone else's code, is described.

This third edition introduces popular Integrated Development Environments on Windows systems, as well as UNIX programming utilities, and features a large statistics-generating program to pull together the concepts and features in the language.


有很多入門的 C 語言書籍,但這是第一本具有實用、不废話的方法的書,這也是 Nutshell Handbooks(R) 著名的原因。

C 語言的學習不僅僅是掌握語法。程式的風格和除錯也在創建運行良好且易於維護的程式中扮演重要角色。這本書不僅教授程式設計的技巧,還描述了如何創建易於閱讀、除錯和更新的程式。

強調實用的規則。例如,在 C 語言中有十五個優先順序規則(&& 在 ?: 之前,|| 在 ?: 之前)。實用的程式設計師將這些規則簡化為兩個:

1. 乘法和除法優先於加法和減法。

與普遍觀念相反,大多數程式設計師並不花大部分時間創建程式碼。他們大部分時間都在修改別人的程式碼。這本書向您展示如何避免常見的 C 語言使用錯誤(並在遇到現有程式中的這些錯誤時能夠識別出來),從而為維護程式碼的負責人留下不必努力解決的程式碼。書中還介紹了電子考古學,即閱讀他人程式碼的技巧。

這本第三版介紹了在 Windows 系統上流行的集成開發環境,以及 UNIX 程式設計工具,並提供了一個大型統計生成程式,以整合語言中的概念和功能。