Developing Visual Basic Add-Ins (Paperback)

PhD Steven Roman

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  • 出版日期: 1999-01-11
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Most developers can think of dozens of ways in which they'd like to modify Visual Basic's integrated development environment (or IDE) in order to work more productively. These enhancements can range from simple items (like determining the version of Visual Basic for Applications used by the IDE, or clearing the Immediate window) to much more involved ones (like developing a utility that allows the tab order of the individual controls on a form to be set easily).Just as the major Microsoft Office applications expose their functionality through their object models, Visual Basic's development environment also exposes its functionality through the Visual Basic Extensibility Model. Unfortunately, though, the model is poorly documented and poorly understood. And most programmers simply don't have the time to sift through the documentation and experiment using trial and error to extend the IDE.Developing Visual Basic Add-ins addresses this lack of adequate documentation by showing how to develop add-ins for Visual Basic Versions 5.0 and 6.0 and by providing numerous coding examples of simple but useful add-ins.The book is divided into two parts. The first part, Add-in Basics, discusses the mechanics of add-in creation. This includes such topics as:

  • Retrieving a reference to the VB IDE
  • Registering an add-in
  • Activating an add-in
  • Making an add-in's functionality accessible through a menu option or toolbar button
Developing an add-in requires creativity, since it requires a programmer to both identify a shortcoming of the IDE and implement some means of enhancing it. The second part of the book, The Extensibility Model, prepares you for this creative part of add-in development by focusing on the VB IDE Extensibility Model. Individual chapters provide in-depth coverage of specific categories of objects, such as user interface objects, project-related objects, and form and control objects.With Developing Visual Basic Add-ins, you can finally make all of the enhancements to the VB IDE that will allow you to program more effectively.


大多數開發人員都能想到許多方法來修改Visual Basic的集成開發環境(IDE),以提高工作效率。這些改進範圍從簡單的項目(例如確定IDE使用的Visual Basic for Applications版本,或清除即時窗口)到更複雜的項目(例如開發一個工具,可以輕鬆設置表單上各個控件的標籤順序)。就像主要的Microsoft Office應用程序通過它們的對象模型公開它們的功能一樣,Visual Basic的開發環境也通過Visual Basic擴展模型公開它的功能。不幸的是,這個模型的文檔記錄不足且理解不深。大多數程序員簡單地沒有時間去篩選文檔並通過試錯法進行實驗來擴展IDE。《開發Visual Basic插件》通過展示如何為Visual Basic 5.0和6.0版本開發插件,並提供了許多編碼示例,解決了這種缺乏充分文檔的問題。本書分為兩部分。第一部分《插件基礎》討論了插件創建的機制,包括以下主題:檢索對VB IDE的引用、註冊插件、激活插件、通過菜單選項或工具欄按鈕使插件的功能可訪問。開發插件需要創造力,因為它要求程序員同時識別IDE的缺點並實施某種增強手段。本書的第二部分《擴展模型》通過專注於VB IDE擴展模型,為插件開發的這一創造性部分做好準備。各個章節詳細介紹了特定類別的對象,例如用戶界面對象、項目相關對象以及表單和控件對象。通過《開發Visual Basic插件》,您最終可以對VB IDE進行所有增強,以使您能夠更有效地進行編程。