Optimizing Windows for Games, Graphics and Multimedia (Paperback)

David L. Farquhar

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 1999-12-11
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 291
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1565926773
  • ISBN-13: 9781565926776
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Every Windows user has spent hours trying to figure out ways to optimize system performance. And each of those same users has most likely been frustrated by that process. Understanding Win 9x and tuning it to be more efficient, whether for desktop applications or video-intensive games, can be very time-consuming.

This book gives you the tips and tricks you'll need to make your system run faster than ever before, and you won't find them in any Windows documentation. Do you really need Internet Explorer? Can you use an alternative shell that will give you a better Windows experience? Maybe you're wondering if you need a hardware upgrade or if you can tweak your existing system to work faster instead and save you a lot of unnecessary expense? Optimizing Windows for Games, Graphics and Multimedia will answer these questions and save you wasted hours of searching and experimenting on your own computer to find the practical solutions you're looking for.

This book covers:
  • General concepts of conserving memory and CPU cycles, processor speed, and disk optimization

  • Speeding application launch times

  • Utilities bundles and which one is right for fine-tuning your system

  • Benefits of partitioning your drive and what tools you need to do it

  • What to look for in uninstallers and how to use this valuable maintenance tool strategically

  • Replacement Windows shells like Program Manager and freeware shells like EVWM and LiteStep

  • Optimizing DOS sessions and Dial-up networking

You may find other books that teach you how to be more productive with the user interface, but they don't talk much about system optimization. Whether you use your computer in a home or office for business or games, with Optimizing Windows for Games, Graphics and Multimedia you won't need to dig through hundreds of pages to come up with a small handful of tips. This book does that work for you and presents it in an easily referenced format.

If you want to make the most of your time and your computer, this is a book you'll want on your shelf.


每個Windows使用者都花了很多時間試圖找出優化系統性能的方法。而且每個使用者在這個過程中很可能感到沮喪。了解Win 9x並將其調整為更高效,無論是用於桌面應用程序還是視頻密集型遊戲,都需要花費很多時間。

這本書將為您提供所需的技巧和訣竅,使您的系統運行速度比以往任何時候都更快,而且您在任何Windows文檔中都找不到這些技巧。您真的需要Internet Explorer嗎?您可以使用其他替代外殼來獲得更好的Windows體驗嗎?也許您想知道是否需要硬件升級,或者是否可以調整現有系統以提高工作速度,從而節省大量不必要的開支?《優化Windows遊戲、圖形和多媒體》將回答這些問題,並為您節省在自己的計算機上搜索和實驗以找到您正在尋找的實用解決方案的浪費時間。

- 保留內存和CPU週期、處理器速度和磁盤優化的一般概念
- 加快應用程序啟動時間
- 實用工具包以及適合微調系統的哪一個
- 分區硬盤的好處以及執行此操作所需的工具
- 卸載程序的注意事項以及如何策略性地使用這個有價值的維護工具
- 替代的Windows外殼,如程序管理器以及EVWM和LiteStep等免費外殼
- 優化DOS會話和撥號網絡連接