Packet Communication (Hardcover)

Robert M. Metcalfe

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  • 出版日期: 1996-10-01
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  • 相關分類: TCP/IPComputer-networks
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Bob Metcalfe's groundbreaking Harvard Ph.D. dissertation "Packet Communication" led directly to his invention of Ethernet and contributed significantly to the TCP/IP protocol suite developed by Vint Cerf and others (including Metcalfe).

Metcalfe's contributions to the development of wide area networks (especially the Internet!) have until now been overshadowed by his application of these ideas to local area networks; Metcalfe is most famous as the developer of Ethernet, still the most widely used LAN technology after 20 years!

Metcalfe's dissertation remains a penetrating mathematical exposition of the fundamental packet switching techniques employed by both TCP/IP and Ethernet. Hard-core techies interested in either technology, as well as computer/EE history buffs, will find this material fascinating. In addition to the dissertation and two related technical papers (RFC #89 by Metcalfe and RFC#62 by David Walden, former VP of BBN), this volume also contains a special retrospective chapter by Metcalfe on the dissertation, its influence on the Internet, and the birth of Ethernet.

  • Exclusive retrospective chapter plus historical materials
  • Foreword by Vint Cerf ("Father of the Internet")
  • First work of a legendary computer industry figure


Bob Metcalfe的開創性哈佛博士論文「封包通訊」直接導致了他對以太網的發明,並對由Vint Cerf和其他人(包括Metcalfe)開發的TCP/IP協議套件做出了重大貢獻。Metcalfe對廣域網(尤其是互聯網!)的發展貢獻至今仍然被他對局域網應用這些想法的貢獻所掩蓋;在20年後,Metcalfe作為以太網的開發者仍然是最廣泛使用的局域網技術。Metcalfe的論文仍然是對TCP/IP和以太網所使用的基本封包交換技術的深入數學闡述。對於對這兩種技術感興趣的技術專家以及計算機/電子工程歷史愛好者來說,這些材料都是迷人的。除了論文和兩篇相關的技術論文(Metcalfe的RFC#89和BBN前副總裁David Walden的RFC#62),這本書還包含了Metcalfe對論文、其對互聯網的影響以及以太網誕生的特別回顧章節。
- 獨家回顧章節和歷史資料
- Vint Cerf(「互聯網之父」)的前言
- 傳奇計算機行業人物的首部作品