TCP/IP Lean: Web Servers for Embedded Systems, 2/e

Jeremy Bentham

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  • 出版日期: 2002-02-18
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 157820108X
  • ISBN-13: 9781578201082
  • 相關分類: 嵌入式系統TCP/IP
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  • Understand the inner workings of TCP/IP
  • Implement a Web server with dynamic content generation and client/server data transfer capabilities

Internet programming demystified! This is a hands-on guide to TCP/IP networking that includes platform-independent source code to a simple TCP/IP stack - a lean version that is easier to present and efficient enough to use in embedded applications.

Create a small, stand-alone TCP/IP stack with an embedded Web server. Aided by the author's abundant source code examples and fully functional utilities, you will learn about, and experiment with, the simpler aspects of internetworking, before tackling the TCP protocol itself. The author offers an intensely practical approach, while still providing an in-depth understanding of the TCP/IP protocol family. At each stage of the book, you will consolidate your understanding through experimentation with suitable software utilities. Along the road to mastering the creation of complex network software, you will:

  • learn about key networking and client/server technologies
  • experiment with networked PCs and microcontrollers
  • explore and extend the professionally written software
  • build the protocols from the ground up
  • speed your network development with a powerful set of tools and utilities

Implement dynamic content generation and client/server data transfers for network appliances. This book meets the challenge of implementing a Web server on small-scale embedded systems, providing full C source code for the PC hardware platform, PIC16xxx, and PIC18xxx microcontrollers. The PICmicro?software is fully compatible with Microchip's board. The Web server functionality has been expanded in this edition to include DHCP auto-configuration, PPP serial links, UDP and TCP client/server programming, and SMTP and POP3 email support.

Software provided on the accompanying CD-ROM is compatible with Windows 95, 98, and beyond, with support for several popular C compilers.

Jeremy Bentham is co-founder of an industrial networking company (Io Ltd.) and its software consulting offshoot Iosoft Ltd., in Cambridge, England. An engineer by training, he has developed many computer systems in railway control and other industrial applications and a wide range of software tools for embedded systems. Networking projects included Bitup, a Bitbus emulation for the 80188 processor; data transfer protocols using Arcnet and Ethernet; and a full 801888-based remote-boot communications system using the simpler TCP/IP protocols (UDP and TFTP). Recent work has been in implementing embedded TCP/IP systems in aerospace, air quality, and video surveillance applications. In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys playing racquet sports, and is an accomplished amateur actor.



Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Introduction to Protocols: SCRATCHP

Chapter 3 Network Addressing and Debugging

Chapter 4 The Network Interface: IP and ICMP

Chapter 5 User Datagram Protocol: UDP

Chapter 6 Transmission Control Protocol: TCP

Chapter 7 Hypertext Transfer Protocol: HTTP

Chapter 8 Embedded Gateway Interface: EGI

Chapter 9 Miniature Web Server Design

Chapter 10 TCP/IP on a PICmicro?Microcontroller

Chapter 11 PWEB: Miniature Web Server for the PICmicro?/B>

Chapter 12 ChipWeb - Miniature Ethernet Web Server

Chapter 13 Point-to-Point Protocol: PPP

Chapter 14 UDP Clients, Servers, and Fast Data Transfer

Chapter 15 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol: DHCP

Chapter 16 TCP Clients, SMTP, and POP3 Email

Appendix A Configuration Notes

Appendix B Resources

Appendix C Software on the CD-ROM

Appendix D PICmicro?Specific Issues

Function Index

Structure Index