Understanding the Public-Key Infrastructure

Steve Lloyd, Carlisle Adams



This book is a tutorial on, and a guide to the deployment of, Public-Key Infrastructures. It covers a broad range of material related to PKIs, including certification, operational considerations and standardization efforts, as well as deployment issues and considerations. Emphasis is placed on explaining the interrelated fields within the topic area, to assist those who will be responsible for making deployment decisions and architecting a PKI within an organization.


這本書是一本關於公鑰基礎設施(Public-Key Infrastructures)部署的教學和指南。它涵蓋了與PKI相關的廣泛材料,包括認證、運營考慮和標準化工作,以及部署問題和考慮因素。重點在於解釋該主題領域內相互關聯的領域,以協助那些負責做出部署決策和在組織內架構PKI的人。