Applied Multivariate Statistics With SAS Software, 2/e (Paperback)

Ravindra Khattree, Dayanand N. Naik




Real-world problems and data sets are the backbone of this book, which provides a unique approach to the topic, integrating statistical methods, data analysis, and applications. Now extensively revised, the book includes new information about mixed effects models, applications of the MIXED procedure, regression diagnostics with the corresponding IML procedure code, and covariance structures. The authors' approach to the information will aid professors, researchers, and students in a variety of disciplines and industries. Extensive SAS code and the corresponding high-resolution output accompany sample problems, and clear explanations of SAS procedures are included. Emphasis is on correct interpretation of the output to draw meaningful conclusions. Featuring both the theoretical and the practical, topics covered include multivariate analysis of experimental data and repeated measures data, graphical representation of data including biplots, and multivariate regression. In addition, a quick introduction to the IML procedure with special reference to multivariate data is available in an appendix. SAS programs and output integrated with the text make it easy to read and follow the examples.