The gmax Handbook

Clayton E Crooks





After playing the same levels or flying the same airplane over and over, many avid gamers quickly tire of their games. Now, with gmax supported games, they have a 3D modeling tool that is easy to use, comes with documentation, and includes a common framework that can be used to modify many popular games. The gmax Handbook shows you how to use this powerful application to modify actual games, such as Microsoft ® Flight Simulator 2002, Dungeon Siege, Quake III Arena, Tr ainz, and more!



許多熱衷於遊戲的玩家在反覆玩同一關卡或操控同一架飛機後很快就會對遊戲感到厭倦。現在,有了支援gmax的遊戲,他們可以使用一個易於使用的3D建模工具,該工具附帶文檔,並包含一個通用框架,可用於修改許多熱門遊戲。《gmax手冊》向您展示如何使用這個強大的應用程序來修改實際的遊戲,例如Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002、Dungeon Siege、Quake III Arena、Tr ainz等等!