Game Programming Gems 3 (Hardcover)

Dante Treglia




Book Description
Book Description
This ALL NEW volume in the Game Programming Gems series is filled with ready-to-use expert techniques, ideas, and solutions for game developers. Innovative solutions that have been used successfully in commercial projects are provided, along with insightful tips and tools that reduce programming time and redundancy. Covering all the key areas of game development, this invaluable resource combines the ideas of over 70 professional developers. Each section is edited by an expert in the field to ensure that the ideas are original, accurate, and useful for a variety of game development projects. And in addition to covering Mathematics, Graphics, General Programming, Audio, and Artificial Intelligence, Game Programming Gems 3 also includes an all new section on Network and Multiplayer games. Ready-to-use source code is included for each algorithm and can be used immediately by advanced programmers. Aspiring game programmers will gain new insights into game programming through the detailed explanations of the algorithms and the helpful suggestions for modifications and optimizations. This is a must-have reference for every game developer!


* An ALL NEW collection of original tools for game programmers!

* Comprehensive coverage of all key development areas

* New section covering Network and Multiplayer games

* CD-ROM is packed with portable source code in C & C++. Most of the techniques will work in OpenGL and Linux, however, there are some techniques which will only work on Windows/Xbox/DirectX.

About the Author
Dante Treglia is the lead software engineer for Nintendo of America's Software Development Support Group where he supports the Nintendo GameCube development community. Mark Deloura, the found editor of the series, is the manager of developer relations for Sony Computer Entertainment America, focusin on the PlayStation 2 and future entertainment products.


Table of Contents

AI: Rectangle Navigation: A Highly Efficient Alternative to A*; Function Pointer-Based Embedded Finite State Machines; Terrain Analysis in an RTS; Character Virtualization; A Fast Approach to Navigation Meshes; A General Trigger System for AI Entities, Objects, and Quests; Optimized Machine Learning Techniques; Tactical Pathfinding Using A*; Audio: Obstruction Using Axes-Aligned Bounding Boxes; Compression and Effects Using Linear Predictive Coding; Using DSP to Create Dynamic Engine Sounds; Creating a Compelling 3D Audio Environment; Compressing Audio with Vector Quantization; Using the Biquad Resonant Filter; General: Developing Games for an International Market; A Platform Independent Function Binding Interface; Autolists: Allowing Trivial Listing of Object Instances; Handle-Based Smart Pointers; Programming a Game Design-Compliant Engine using UML; Graphics: A Compiler for Programmable Vertex Shading Hardware; Using Textures to Approximate a Mathematic Function; Computing Optimized Shadow Volumes for Complex Data Sets; Billboard Beams; Subdivision Surfaces for Character Animation; Mathematics: A Fast Approximation to the Slerp() Function; Clipping a Convex Polyhedron Against a Plane; A Naming Convention for Transformation Matrices; Base-2 Logarithm Utility Functions (C++); Constrained Inverse Kinematics; Quaternion Compression; Coping with Friction in Dynamical Simulations; Network and Multiplayer Games: A UDP Monitoring and Simulation Tool; (Algorithms for) Player Skill Estimates and Rating; Wireless Gaming with J2ME; Multiplayer Game Development Using Microsoft DirectPlay 8.1; Real-Time-Strategy Network Protocol; Template-Based Object Serialization; Reducing Latency in Real-time Strategy Games; Large-Scale Multiplayer Servers; Secure Sockets; A Flexible Simulation Architecture for Mass Multi-Player Games




* 遊戲程序員的全新原創工具集!
* 全面涵蓋所有關鍵開發領域
* 新的網絡和多人遊戲部分
* CD-ROM內含C和C++的可攜式源代碼。大多數技術在OpenGL和Linux上適用,但也有一些技術只適用於Windows/Xbox/DirectX。


Dante Treglia是任天堂美國軟體開發支援團隊的首席軟體工程師,他支援任天堂GameCube開發社群。該系列的創始編輯Mark Deloura是索尼電腦娛樂美國公司的開發者關係經理,專注於PlayStation 2和未來的娛樂產品。


AI: 矩形導航:一種高效的A*替代方案;基於函數指針的嵌入式有限狀態機;即時戰略遊戲中的地形分析;角色虛擬化;一種快速的導航網格方法;用於AI實體、物體和任務的通用觸發系統;優化的機器學習技術;使用A*進行戰術尋路;音頻:使用軸對齊包圍框進行遮擋;使用線性預測編碼進行壓縮和效果;使用DSP創建動態引擎聲音;創建引人入勝的3D音頻環境;使用向量量化壓縮音頻;使用雙二次共振濾波器;通用:開發國際市場的遊戲;一個平台獨立的函數綁定接口;自動列表:允許對象實例的簡單列舉;基於句柄的智能指針;使用UML編程符合遊戲設計的引擎;圖形:可編程頂點著色硬件的編譯器;使用紋理近似數學函數;計算複雜數據集的優化陰影體積;廣告牌束;用於角色動畫的細分曲面;數學:Slerp()函數的快速近似方法```