Game Programming Gems 4 (Hardcover)

Andrew Kirmse



Game Programming Gems 4 is an ALL NEW volume in this must-have series. It is filled with ready-to-use expert techniques, ideas, and solutions for game developers, and includes many innovative solutions that have been used successfully in commercial projects. Insightful tips and tools that reduce programming time and redundancy are provided throughout.

In addition to covering all the key areas of game development, an all new physics section has been added. Each article is written by an industry pro, and each section is edited by an expert in the field. The ideas are original, accurate, and useful for a variety of game development projects. Ready-to-use source code is included for each algorithm and can be used immediately. Also new to the volume is a cumulative index for all four volumes in this series. This makes searching for topics between volumes easy and efficient.


  • Provides an ALL NEW collection of original tools and techniques for game
  • Comprehensive coverage of all key development areas, including
    Mathematics, Graphics, General Programming, Audio, Artificial Intelligence,
    Network and Multiplayer Games, and the new Game Physics section
  • Includes a cumulative index for all four volumes to make using them
    together more efficient
  • CD-ROM is packed with portable source code, allowing developers to
    easily implement techniques into their own projects




- 提供了全新的原創工具和技巧,適用於遊戲程式設計師!
- 全面涵蓋所有關鍵開發領域,包括數學、圖形、通用編程、音頻、人工智能、網絡和多人遊戲,以及新的遊戲物理部分。
- 包含了四卷的累積索引,方便一起使用。
- 光碟附帶便攜式源代碼,讓開發者能輕鬆將技巧應用到自己的項目中。