Cisco CCNA #640-507 Preparation Library

Cisco Systems Inc.

  • 出版商: Cisco Press
  • 出版日期: 2001-03-02
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1587050382
  • ISBN-13: 9781587050381
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  • Prepare for the CCNA #640-507 exam with Cisco-developed training materials
  • Lay the foundation for designing, configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting scalable, cost-effective networks
  • Get in-depth information on the OSI reference model and learn how protocols map to this framework
  • Interconnect Cisco routers and switches according to a given network design specification
  • Configure Cisco routers and switches to support a specified list of protocols and technologies
  • Explore the functionality and operation of Ciscos IOS software

Cisco CCNA #640-507 Preparation Library is a comprehensive study preparation package for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) program, the first step in Cisco Career Certification. Containing the Cisco Press books Internetworking Technologies Handbook, Third Edition, Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices, and Cisco CCNA Exam #640-507 Certification Guide, the Cisco CCNA Exam #640-507 Preparation Library covers topics found on the CCNA #640-507 exam such as internetworking fundamentals and exam-ready challenges.

Internetworking Technologies Handbook, Third Edition, provides a foundation for understanding and implementing contemporary networking technologies that assists you in mastering terms, concepts, technologies, and devices that are used in today's networking industry. In addition, this handbook covers emerging technologies such as cable, DSL, Virtual Private Networks, multiservice access, wireless communications, and Quality of Service.

Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices, based on the ICND training course recommended by Cisco Systems for CCNA study, this book teaches you how to perform all the basic configuration procedures to build a multirouter, multigroup internetwork that uses LAN and WAN interfaces for the most commonly used routing and routed protocols. Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices features numerous configuration examples, and each chapter concludes with a self-assessment test.

This book and CD package forms a comprehensive library for CCNA Certification self-study by providing coverage of all exam topics which ensures that you will discover any areas for which you need further study. The lessons provide technology-based mastery of exam topics--not just memory aids, while the scenario-based exercises and practice tests on the CD-ROM build confidence as exam day nears.

Through the practice questions, examples, exercises, and comprehensive references in this package, you will gain a thorough understanding of the topics covered on the CCNA #640-507 exam.


準備 CCNA #640-507 考試,使用 Cisco 開發的培訓材料
深入了解 OSI 參考模型,並學習協議如何映射到該框架
根據給定的網絡設計規範,互連 Cisco 路由器和交換機
配置 Cisco 路由器和交換機以支持指定的協議和技術
探索 Cisco IOS 軟件的功能和操作

《Cisco CCNA #640-507 Preparation Library》是 Cisco 認證網絡工程師 (CCNA) 考試的全面學習準備套件,也是 Cisco 職業認證的第一步。該套件包含 Cisco Press 的書籍《Internetworking Technologies Handbook》第三版、《Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices》和《Cisco CCNA Exam #640-507 Certification Guide》,涵蓋了 CCNA #640-507 考試的主題,如網絡互連基礎知識和考試準備挑戰。

《Internetworking Technologies Handbook》第三版提供了理解和實施當代網絡技術的基礎,幫助您掌握當今網絡行業中使用的術語、概念、技術和設備。此外,該手冊還涵蓋了諸如纜線、DSL、虛擬私有網絡、多服務訪問、無線通信和服務質量等新興技術。

《Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices》基於 Cisco Systems 推薦的 ICND 培訓課程,教您執行所有基本配置程序,構建使用 LAN 和 WAN 接口的多路由器、多組網絡的最常用路由和路由協議。《Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices》提供了許多配置示例,每章結束時都有自我評估測試。

這本書和 CD 套裝組成了 CCNA 認證自學的全面圖書館,涵蓋了所有考試主題,確保您能發現需要進一步學習的任何領域。課程提供基於技術的考試主題掌握,而不僅僅是記憶輔助工具,而且 CD-ROM 上的場景式練習和練習測試會在考試日臨近時增強信心。

通過這個套件中的練習問題、示例、練習和全面參考資料,您將對 CCNA #640-507 考試的主題有透徹的理解。