Storage Networking Fundamentals : An Introduction to Storage Devices, Subsystems, Applications, Management, and File Systems

Marc Farley

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  • 出版日期: 2004-12-19
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  • ISBN-13: 9781587051623
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An Introduction to Storage Devices, Subsystems, Applications, Management, and File Systems

  • Learn fundamental storage concepts with this comprehensive introduction
  • Compare storage device technologies, including Fibre Channel, SCSI, ATA, and SATA and understand their uses in network storage subsystems
  • Learn about key storage processes such as volume management, storage virtualization, data snapshots, mirroring, RAID, backup, and multipathing
  • Clarify the roles of file systems and databases within network storage
  • Take the next step—this book prepares you to become a storage networking expert

Storage networking has become an essential ingredient in Internet information infrastructures. Becoming competent in this new and important technology area requires a sound understanding of storage technologies and principles. Storage Networking Fundamentals gives you an in-depth look into the most important storage technologies. The entire storage landscape is described, incorporating a complete view of system, device, and subsystem operations and processes. Learn how to protect data effectively using mirroring, RAID, remote copy, and backup/ recovery systems. Virtual storage technologies, such as volume management, RAID, and network virtualization, are analyzed and discussed in detail. High-availability storage through dynamic multipathing and clustered/distributed file systems is explained as are designs for robust storage subsystems. Finally, the confusing and arcane worlds of file systems and SCSI are clarified, including the role of initiators, targets, logical units, and LUNs.


Storage Networking Fundamentals is a comprehensive overview of storage technologies that also provides insights on designing and running SAN and NAS implementations. 


Marc Farley has more than 13 years of experience in the field of network storage. He started working with the technology in 1991 as a systems engineer with Palindrome Corporation, an early innovator in data management technologies for PC LAN environments. Since 1991, Marc has worked in a variety of marketing and strategy-related positions, covering a wide variety of storage technologies, including storage routers, disk subsystems, file-level virtualization, and storage switches. Marc is well-known throughout the networked storage industry for his objective, vendor-independent, in-depth analysis of storage technologies. His writing includes Building Storage Networks, first and second editions. He has also written many articles, white papers, and opinion pieces that have been published in the computer industry trade press. He regularly speaks at industry conferences and events and participates in online seminars and discussions. Marc holds a bachelor of science in physics from the University of Washington.


This book is part of the Cisco Press® Fundamentals Series. Books in this series introduce networking professionals to new networking technologies, covering network topologies, example deployment concepts, protocols, and management techniques.



Table of Contents:

Part I The Big Picture of Storage Networking

Chapter 1 Data Access in the Internet Era

Chapter 2 Establishing a Context for Understanding Storage Networks

Chapter 3 Getting Down with Storage I/O

Part II Working with Devices and Subsystems in Storage Networks

Chapter 4 Storage Devices

Chapter 5 Storage Subsystems

Chapter 6 SCSI Storage Fundamentals and SAN Adapters

Chapter 7 Device Interconnect Technologies for Storage Networks

Part III Applications for Data Redundancy

Chapter 8 An Introduction to Data Redundancy and Mirroring

Chapter 9 Bigger, Faster, More Reliable Storage with RAID

Chapter 10 Redundancy Over Distance with Remote Copy

Chapter 11 Connection Redundancy in Storage Networks and Dynamic Multipathing

Part IV The Foundations of Storage and Data Management

Chapter 12 Storage Virtualization: The Power in Volume Management Software and SAN Virtualization Systems

Chapter 13 Network Backup: The Foundation of Storage Management

Part V Filing Systems and Data Management in Networks

Chapter 14 File System Fundamentals

Chapter 15 Network File Systems and Network Attached Storage

Chapter 16 New Directions in Network Filing: Clustered File Systems, Distributed File Systems, and Network Storage for Databases

Chapter 17 Data Management

Part VI Appendixes

Appendix A Q & A Answers

Appendix B  INCITS Storage Standards





- 以全面的介紹學習基本的儲存概念
- 比較儲存設備技術,包括光纖通道、SCSI、ATA和SATA,並了解它們在網絡儲存子系統中的應用
- 學習關鍵的儲存流程,如卷管理、儲存虛擬化、數據快照、鏡像、RAID、備份和多路徑
- 澄清檔案系統和數據庫在網絡儲存中的角色
- 邁出下一步——本書將使您成為儲存網絡專家的準備



Marc Farley在網絡儲存領域擁有超過13年的經驗。他於1991年開始在Palindrome Corporation擔任系統工程師,該公司是PC LAN環境中數據管理技術的早期創新者。自1991年以來,Marc在各種市場營銷和策略相關職位上工作,涵蓋了各種儲存技術,包括儲存路由器、磁碟子系統、檔層級虛擬化和儲存交換機。Marc在網絡儲存行業中以客觀、獨立、深入的儲存技術分析而聞名。他的著作包括《建立儲存網絡》第一版和第二版。他還撰寫了許多文章、白皮書和意見文章,發表在計算機行業的專業媒體上。他經常在行業會議和活動上演講,並參加線上研討會和討論。Marc擁有華盛頓大學物理學學士學位。