Building Multiservice Transport Networks

Jim Durkin, John Goodman, Frank Posse, Michael Rezek, Mike Wallace, Ron Harris

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  • 出版日期: 2006-07-23
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A comprehensive handbook for understanding, designing, and deploying multiservice network architecture and applications

  • Design, deploy, operate, and troubleshoot ONS 15454 applications and services
  • Learn SONET/SDH and DWDM fundamentals
  • Understand Multiservice Provisioning Platform (MSPP) network architectures that support Ethernet, storage area networking, wavelength, and DWDM transport applications
  • Extend your MSPP with Cisco storage solutions 

A new generation of SONET and DWDM systems providing the functions of multiple network elements in a single platform has emerged. This new platform is called a Multiservice Provisioning Platform (MSPP). MSPPs are a popular solution for building new networks and upgrading existing networks to take advantage of new services and integration of voice and data. Cisco Systems provides an MSPP product, the ONS 15454, for both service provider and enterprise networks. Cisco Systems is the market leader in MSPP technology in North America. More than 1,000 Cisco customers use the ONS 15454 MSPP in their networks and over 40,000 ONS 15454s have shipped, creating a need for accurate, comprehensive technical information for users to understand and maximize the potential of this MSPP product. Building Multiservice Transport Networks will become an indispensable reference for Cisco customers and constituents who are deploying MSPP solutions. Building Multiservice Transport Networks teaches all facets of MSPP networks in an easy-to-understand manner and from both the service provider and enterprise perspective. It provides the background material necessary for readers to learn key aspects of SONET, SDH, DWDM, Ethernet, and storage networking, and does so through network diagrams, application examples, design guidelines, and detailed configurations.



Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Part I          Building the Foundation for Understanding MSPP Networks

Chapter 1      Market Drivers for Multiservice Provisioning Platforms

Market Drivers

Increased Demand for Bandwidth by LANs

Rapid Delivery of Next-Generation Data and High-Bandwidth Services


Legacy Optical Platforms



Capital Expense Reduction



Chapter 2      Technology Foundation for MSPP Networks

What Is an MSPP Network?

Fiber Optic Basics

Optical Fiber

    Light Propagation in Fiber

SONET/SDH Principles

Digital Multiplexing and Framing

SONET/SDH Rates and Tributary Mapping

SONET/SDH Equipment

SONET Overhead

SONET/SDH Transmission Segments

Synchronization and Timing


Global Positioning System



Chapter 3      Advanced Technologies over Multiservice Provisioning Platforms


A Brief History of Storage

Direct Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage

Storage-Area Networking


History of DWDM

DWDM Integrated in MSPP


A Brief History of Ethernet

Ethernet Emerges

Ethernet over MSPP



Part II         MSPP Architectures and Designing MSPP Networks  

Chapter 4      Multiservice Provisioning Platform Architectures

Traditional Service-Provider Network Architectures

Public Switched Telephone Networks

Frame Relay/ATM Networks

Service Provider SONET Networks

IP and MPLS Networks

Transport Networks

Heritage Operational Support System

Traditional Customer Network Architectures

ATM/Frame Relay Networks

Customer Synchronous Optical Networks

IP and MPLS Networks

MSPP Positioning in Service-Provider Network Architectures

How MSPP Fits into Existing Networks

Multiservice Switching Platforms

MSPP Positioning in Customer Network Architectures



Chapter 5      Multiservice Provisioning Platform Network Design

MSPP Network Design Methodology

Protection Design

Network Timing Design

Network Management Considerations

MSPP Network Topologies

Linear Networks

UPSR Networks

BLSR Networks

Subtending Rings

Subtending Shelves

Ring-to-Ring Interconnect Diversity

Mesh Networks



Chapter 6      MSPP Network Design Example: Cisco ONS 15454

ONS 15454 Shelf Assembly

ONS 15454 Shelf Assembly Backplane Interfaces


Timing, Communications, and Control Cards

Cross-Connect Cards

Cross-Connect Card Bandwidth

Alarm Interface Controller Card

Environmental Alarms


Power Supply Voltage Monitoring

User Data Channels

SONET/SDH Optical Interface Cards

Ethernet Interface Cards

Transport (Layer 1) Ethernet Service Interfaces

Switching (Layer 2) and Routing (Layer 3) Ethernet Service Interfaces

Electrical Interface Cards

DS1-14 and DS1N-14 Interface Cards

DS1-56 Interface Card

DS3-12, DS3N-12, DS3-12E, and DS3N-12E Interface Cards

EC1-12 Interface Cards

DS3/EC1-48 Interface Cards

DS3XM-6 and DS3XM-12 Interface Card

Storage Networking Cards

MSPP Network Design Case Study

MSPP Ring Network Design

OC-192 Ring Transmission Design

Network Map

Shelf Card Slot Assignments, EIA Equipage, and Tributary Protection Group Configuration

Cabling Terminations



Part III        Deploying Ethernet and Storage Services on ONS 15454 MSPP Networks

Chapter 7      ONS 15454 Ethernet Applications and Provisioning

ONS 15454 E-Series Interface Cards

ONS 15454 E-Series Card Modes and Circuit Sizes

ONS 15454 E-Series Example Application and Provisioning

ONS 15454 G-Series Interface Cards

ONS 15454 G-Series Card Example Application

Important Features of the ONS 15454 G-Series Card

ONS 15454 CE-Series Interface Cards

ONS 15454 CE-Series Queuing

ONS 15454 CE-Series SONET/SDH Circuit Provisioning

ONS 15454 CE-Series Card Example Application

ONS 15454 ML-Series Interface Cards

ML-Series Card Transport Architecture Examples

RPR Operation in the ONS 15454 ML-Series Cards

Provisioning RPR Using the ONS 15454 ML-Series Cards



Chapter 8      ONS 15454 Storage-Area Networking

SAN Review

SAN Protocols


Data Storage Mirroring

A Single-Chassis SAN Extension Solution: ONS 15454

Storage over Wavelength

Storage over SONET

Fibre Channel Multirate 4-Port (FC-MR-4) Card

1G and 2G FC

Overcoming the Round-Trip Delay Limitation in SAN Networks

Using VCAT and LCAS

SAN Protection



Part IV       Building DWDM Networks Using the ONS 15454

Chapter 9      Using the ONS 15454 Platform to Support DWDM Transport: MSTP

ONS 15454 Shelf Assembly

ONS 15454 Shelf Assembly Backplane Interfaces

Timing, Communications, and Control Cards

Optical Service Channel Module


Alarm Interface Controller Card

Environmental Alarms


Power Supply Voltage Monitoring

User Data Channels

ONS 15454 MSTP DWDM ITU-T Channel Plan

32-Channel Multiplexer Cards

32 MUX-O Multiplexer Card

32 WSS Multiplexer Card

32-Channel Demultiplexer Cards

32 DMX-O Demultiplexer Card

32 DMX Demultiplexer Card

Four-Channel Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Cards

Four-Band OADM Filters

One-Band OADM Filters

Channel OADM Cards


ONS 15454 MSTP Transponder/Muxponder Interfaces

2.5G Multirate Transponder

10G Multirate Transponder

4x2.5G Enhanced Muxponder

2.5G Multiservice Aggregation Card

ONS 15454 MSTP Optical Amplifiers



ONS 15454 MSTP Dispersion Compensation Unit

ONS 15454 MSTP Supported Network Configurations

Linear Topologies

Ring Topologies



Chapter 10    Designing ONS 15454 MSTP Networks

 ONS 15454 MSTP DWDM Design Considerations

 ONS 15454 MSTP DWDM Design Rules Examples

ONS 15454 MSTP Manual DWDM Design Example


Chromatic Dispersion


ONS 15454 MSTP MetroPlanner Design Tool


Comprehensive Analysis

Installation/Turn-Up Assistance



Chapter 11    Using the ONS 15454 MSTP to Provide Wavelength Services

Types of Wavelength Services

SONET/SDH Services

Storage-Area Networking Services

Ethernet Services

Variable Bit-Rate Services

Wavelength Services Protection Options

Y-Cable Protection

Dual-Transponder Protection

DWDM Trunk Split-Routing

Implementing Wavelength Services on the ONS 15454 MSTP

Fixed-Channel Optical Add/Drop


Managing Wavelength Services on the ONS 15454 MSTP

Fault Management






Part V        Provisioning and Troubleshooting ONS 15454 Networks

Chapter 12    Provisioning and Operating an ONS 15454 SONET/SDH Network

Turning Up the ONS 15454

Installing and Powering the Shelf

Initial Configuration

Connecting the Optics

Final Configuration

Operating and Supporting an MSPP Network

Monitoring Alarms and Conditions

Adding or Removing Interface Modules

Provisioning Service

Troubleshooting Alarms or Conditions

Acceptance Testing


Software Upgrades



Chapter 13    Troubleshooting ONS 15454 Networks

Resources to Troubleshoot the ONS 15454


Cisco Transport Controller Online Help

Cisco Technical Assistance Center

Locating the Problem and Gathering Details Using CTC

Alarms Tab

Conditions Tab

History Tab

Performance Tab

Other Data and Items to Check

Data Gathering Checklist

Troubleshooting Tools

Possible Causes to Common Issues

Poor or No Signal of an Electrical Circuit

Errors or No Signal of an Optical Link

Unable to Log into the ONS 15454

Cannot Convert UPSR Ring to BLSR Ring

Signal Degrade in Conditions Tab

Ethernet Circuit Cannot Carry Traffic



Part VI       MSPP Network Management

Chapter 14    Monitoring Multiple Services on a Multiservice Provisioning Platform Network

MSPP Fault Management

Using SNMP MIBs for Fault Management

Using TL1 for Fault Management

Using CTC for Fault Management

MSPP Performance Management

Ethernet Performance Monitoring

Using Local Craft Interface Application Versus EMS



Chapter 15    Large-Scale Network Management

Overview of Management Layers

Why Use an EMS?

Using the ONS 15454 Element-Management System

Ethernet Management

Integrating to an OSS Using the Northbound Interface