Security Monitoring with Cisco Security MARS

Gary Halleen, Greg Kellogg

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Security Monitoring with Cisco Security MARS


Threat mitigation system deployment


Gary Halleen

Greg Kellogg


Networks and hosts are probed hundreds or thousands of times a day in an attempt to discover vulnerabilities. An even greater number of automated attacks from worms and viruses stress the same devices. The sheer volume of log messages or events generated by these attacks and probes, combined with the complexity of an analyst needing to use multiple monitoring tools, often makes it impossible to adequately investigate what is happening.


Cisco® Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (MARS) is a next-generation Security Threat Mitigation system (STM). Cisco Security MARS receives raw network and security data and performs correlation and investigation of host and network information to provide you with actionable intelligence. This easy-to-use family of threat mitigation appliances enables you to centralize, detect, mitigate, and report on priority threats by leveraging the network and security devices already deployed in a network, even if the devices are from multiple vendors.


Security Monitoring with Cisco Security MARS helps you plan a MARS deployment and learn the installation and administration tasks you can expect to face. Additionally, this book teaches you how to use the advanced features of the product, such as the custom parser, Network Admission Control (NAC), and global controller operations. Through the use of real-world deployment examples, this book leads you through all the steps necessary for proper design and sizing, installation and troubleshooting, forensic analysis of security events, report creation and archiving, and integration of the appliance with Cisco and third-party vulnerability assessment tools.


“In many modern enterprise networks, Security Information Management tools are crucial in helping to manage, analyze, and correlate a mountain of event data. Greg Kellogg and Gary Halleen have distilled an immense amount of extremely valuable knowledge in these pages. By relying on the wisdom of Kellogg and Halleen embedded in this book, you will vastly improve your MARS deployment.”

—Ed Skoudis, Vice President of Security Strategy, Predictive Systems


Gary Halleen is a security consulting systems engineer with Cisco. He has in-depth knowledge of security systems as well as remote-access and routing/switching technology. Gary is a CISSP and ISSAP. His diligence was responsible for the first successful computer crimes conviction in the state of Oregon. Gary is a regular speaker at security events and presents at Cisco Networkers conferences.


Greg Kellogg is the vice president of security solutions for Calence, LLC. He is responsible for managing the company’s overall security strategy. Greg has more than 15 years of networking industry experience, including serving as a senior security business consultant for the Cisco Enterprise Channel organization. Additionally, Greg worked for Protego Networks, Inc. (where MARS was originally developed). There he was responsible for developing channel partner programs and helped solution providers increase their security revenue.


Learn the differences between various log aggregation and correlation systems

  • Examine regulatory and industry requirements
  • Evaluate various deployment scenarios
  • Properly size your deployment
  • Protect the Cisco Security MARS appliance from attack
  • Generate reports, archive data, and implement disaster recovery plans
  • Investigate incidents when Cisco Security MARS detects an attack
  • Troubleshoot Cisco Security MARS operation
  • Integrate Cisco Security MARS with Cisco Security Manager, NAC, and third-party devices
  • Manage groups of MARS controllers with global controller operations


This security book is part of the Cisco Press® Networking Technology Series. Security titles from Cisco Press help networking professionals secure critical data and resources, prevent and mitigate network attacks, and build end-to-end self-defending networks.


Category: Cisco Press—Security

Covers: Security Threat Mitigation

Table of Contents



Part I Introduction to CS-MARS and Security Threat Mitigation

Chapter 1 Introducing CS-MARS

Introduction to Security Information Management

    The Role of a SIM in Today’s Network

    Common Features for SIM Products

    Desirable Features for SIM Products

Challenges in Security Monitoring

    Types of Events Messages

Understanding CS-MARS

    Security Threat Mitigation System

    Topology and Visualization

    Robust Reporting and Rules Engine

    Alerts and Mitigation

    Description of Terminology

CS-MARS User Interface


    Network Status

    My Reports


Chapter 2 Regulatory Challenges in Depth

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

    Who Is Affected by HIPAA?

    What Are the Penalties for Noncompliance?

    HIPAA Security Rule

    HIPAA Security Rule and Security Monitoring

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (GLB Act)

    Who Is Affected by the GLB Act?

    What Are the Penalties for Noncompliance with GLB?

    The GLB Act Safeguards Rule

    The GLB Safeguards Rule and Security Monitoring

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX)

    Who Is Affected by Sarbanes-Oxley?

    What Are the Penalties for Noncompliance with Sarbanes-Oxley?

    Sarbanes-Oxley Internal Controls

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

    Who Is Affected by the PCI Data Security Standard?

    What Are the Penalties for Noncompliance with PCI-DSS?

    The PCI Data Security Standard

    Compliance Validation Requirements


Chapter 3 CS-MARS Deployment Scenarios

Deployment Types

    Local and Standalone Controllers

    Global Controllers

Sizing a CS-MARS Deployment

    Special Considerations for Cisco IPSs

    Determining Your Events per Second

    Determining Your Storage Requirements

    Considerations for Reporting Performance

    Considerations for Future Growth and Flood Conditions

    Planning for Topology Awareness

CS-MARS Sizing Case Studies

    Retail Chain Example

    State Government Example

    Healthcare Example


Part II CS-MARS Operations and Forensics

Chapter 4 Securing CS-MARS

Physical Security

Inherent Security of MARS Appliances

Security Management Network

MARS Communications Requirements

Network Security Recommendations

    Ingress Firewall Rules

    Egress Firewall Rules

    Network-Based IDS and IPS Issues


Chapter 5 Rules, Reports, and Queries

Built-In Reports

Understanding the Reporting Interface

    Reporting Methods

    The Query Interface

Creating an On-Demand Report

Batch Reports and the Report Wizard

Creating a Rule

    About Rules

    Creating the Rule

Creating Drop Rules

    About Drop Rules

    Creating the Drop Rule


Chapter 6 Incident Investigation and Forensics

Incident Handling and Forensic Techniques

    Initial Incident Investigation

    Viewing Incident Details

    Finishing Your Investigation

False-Positive Tuning

    Deciding Where to Tune

    Tuning False Positives in MARS


Chapter 7 Archiving and Disaster Recovery

Understanding CS-MARS Archiving

    Planning and Selecting the Archive Server

    Configuring the Archiving Server

    Configuring CS-MARS for Archiving

Using the Archives

    Restoring from Archive

    Restoring to a Reporting Appliance

    Direct Access of Archived Events

    Retrieving Raw Events from Archive


Part III CS-MARS Advanced Topics

Chapter 8 Integration with Cisco Security Manager

Configuring CS-Manager to Support CS-MARS

Configuring CS-MARS to Integrate with CS-Manager

Using CS-Manager Within CS-MARS


Chapter 9 Troubleshooting CS-MARS

Be Prepared

Troubleshooting MARS Hardware

    Beeping Noises

    Degraded RAID Array

Troubleshooting Software and Devices

    Unknown Reporting Device IP

    Check Point or Other Logs Are Incorrectly Parsed

    New Monitored Device Logs Still Not Parsed

    How Much Storage Is Being Used, and How Long Will It Last?

    E-Mail Notifications Sent to Admin Group Never Arrive

    MARS Is Not Receiving Events from Devices


Chapter 10 Network Admission Control

Types of Cisco NAC

    NAC Framework Host Conditions

    Understanding NAC Framework Communications

Configuration of CS-MARS for NAC

    Framework Reporting

Information Available on CS-MARS


Chapter 11 CS-MARS Custom Parser

Getting Messages to CS-MARS

Determining What to Parse

Adding the Device or Application Type

Adding Log Templates

    First Log Template

    Second and Third Log Templates

    Fourth and Fifth Log Templates

    Additional Messages

Adding Monitored Device or Software

Queries, Reports, and Rules




Custom Parser for Cisco CSC Module


Chapter 12 CS-MARS Global Controller

Understanding the Global Controller


Installing the Global Controller

    Enabling Communications Between Controllers


Using the Global Controller Interface

    Logging In to the Controller


    Drilling Down into an Incident


    Local Versus Global Rules

    Security and Monitor Devices

    Custom Parser

    Software Upgrades

Global Controller Recovery


Part IV Appendixes

Appendix A Querying the Archive

Appendix B CS-MARS Command Reference

Appendix C Useful Websites






安全監控與Cisco Security MARS


Gary Halleen

Greg Kellogg


Cisco® Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (MARS) 是一個下一代安全威脅緩解系統 (STM)。Cisco Security MARS 接收原始網絡和安全數據,並對主機和網絡信息進行相關性和調查,以提供可操作的情報。這個易於使用的威脅緩解設備系列使您能夠通過利用已經部署在網絡中的網絡和安全設備,集中、檢測、緩解和報告優先威脅,即使這些設備來自多個供應商。

使用Cisco Security MARS進行安全監控,可以幫助您規劃MARS部署,並了解您可能面臨的安裝和管理任務。此外,本書還教您如何使用產品的高級功能,例如自定義解析器、網絡接入控制 (NAC) 和全局控制器操作。通過使用真實世界的部署示例,本書將引導您完成所有必要的步驟,包括正確的設計和尺寸、安裝和故障排除、安全事件的法庭分析、報告創建和存檔,以及將設備與Cisco和第三方漏洞評估工具集成。

“在許多現代企業網絡中,安全信息管理工具在幫助管理、分析和相關事件數據方面至關重要。Greg Kellogg和Gary Halleen在這些頁面中提煉了大量非常有價值的知識。通過依賴於本書中Kellogg和Halleen的智慧,您將大大改善您的MARS部署。”
—Ed Skoudis,安全策略副總裁,Predictive Systems

Gary Halleen是Cisco的安全咨詢系統工程師。他對安全系統以及遠程訪問和路由/交換技術有深入的了解。Gary是CISSP和ISSAP。他的努力使得俄勒岡州首次成功起訴了電腦犯罪。Gary經常在安全活動中演講,並在Cisco Networkers上發表演講。