VoIP Performance Management and Optimization (Hardcover)

Adeel Ahmed, Habib Madani, Talal Siddiqui

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  • 出版日期: 2010-08-08
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 448
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 1587055287
  • ISBN-13: 9781587055287
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VoIP Performance Management and Optimization

A KPI-based approach to managing and optimizing VoIP networks


IP Communications


Adeel Ahmed, CCIE® No. 4574

Habib Madani

Talal Siddiqui, CCIE No. 4280


VoIP Performance Management and Optimization is the first comprehensive, expert guide to managing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing large VoIP networks. Three leading Cisco VoIP experts bring together state-of-the-art techniques for ensuring that customer service level agreements (SLA) are consistently met or exceeded.


The authors begin by reviewing how VoIP is deployed in enterprise and service provider networks and the performance tradeoffs and challenges associated with each leading VoIP deployment model. Next, they present a comprehensive approach to diagnosing problems in VoIP networks using key performance indicators (KPI) and proactively addressing issues before they impact service.


In this book, you will find a proven tools-based strategy for gauging VoIP network health and maximizing performance and voice quality. You also will learn how to perform trend analysis and use the results for capacity planning and traffic engineering—thereby optimizing your networks for both the short- and long-term.


The authors all work in the Cisco Advanced Services Group.


  • Deploy, manage, monitor, and scale multivendor VoIP networks more effectively
  • Integrate performance data from multiple VoIP network segments and service flows to effectively manage SLAs
  • Use performance counters, call detail records, and call agent trace logs to gauge network health in real time
  • Utilize dashboards to analyze and correlate VoIP metrics, analyze trends, and plan capacity
  • Implement a layered approach to quickly isolate and troubleshoot both localized and systemic problems in VoIP networks
  • Optimize performance in networks where the service provider owns the “last mile” connection
  • Improve performance when VoIP is deployed over publicly shared infrastructure
  • Manage performance in enterprise networks using both centralized and distributed call processing
  • Plan media deployment for the best possible network performance
  • Monitor trends, establish baselines, optimize existing resources, and identify emerging problems
  • Understand and address common voice quality issues


This IP communications book is part of the Cisco Press® Networking Technology Series. IP communications titles from Cisco Press help networking professionals understand voice and IP telephony technologies, plan and design converged networks, and implement network solutions for increased productivity.


Category: Networking: Unified Communications

Covers: Voice over IP Network Management






Adeel Ahmed, CCIE® No. 4574

Habib Madani

Talal Siddiqui, CCIE No. 4280

《VoIP性能管理與優化》是第一本全面的專家指南,用於管理、監控、疑難排解和優化大型VoIP網絡。三位領先的Cisco VoIP專家匯集了最先進的技術,以確保客戶服務水平協議(SLA)始終得到達成或超越。



作者們都在Cisco Advanced Services Group工作。

- 更有效地部署、管理、監控和擴展多供應商VoIP網絡
- 整合來自多個VoIP網絡段和服務流的性能數據,以有效管理SLA
- 使用性能計數器、通話詳細記錄和通話代理跟踪日誌實時評估網絡狀況
- 利用儀表板分析和相關VoIP指標,分析趨勢並進行容量規劃
- 實施分層方法,快速隔離和疑難排解VoIP網絡中的本地化和系統性問題
- 在服務提供商擁有“最後一英里”連接的網絡中優化性能
- 在公共共享基礎設施上部署VoIP時提高性能
- 使用集中和分散呼叫處理在企業網絡中管理性能
- 計劃媒體部署以獲得最佳網絡性能
- 監控趨勢,建立基準,優化現有資源,並識別新興問題
- 瞭解並解決常見的語音質量問題

這本IP通信書是Cisco Press® Networking Technology Series的一部分。Cisco Press的IP通信書籍幫助網絡專業人士瞭解語音和IP電話技術,規劃和設計融合網絡,並實施網絡解決方案以提高生產力。