Cisco Networking Academy Program: Fundamentals of UNIX Companion Guide (Hardcover)

Cisco Systems Inc., Dan Myers, Jim Lorenz

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  • 出版日期: 2001-12-21
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN-13: 9781587130441
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The Only Authorized Textbook for the UNIX Curriculum of the Cisco Networking Academy Program

Curriculum Sponsored by Sun Microsystems

Fundamentals of UNIX Companion Guide includes coverage of the following topics:

  • Overview of current network operating systems, LAN/WAN concepts, and network architectures, topologies, and protocols
  • History of the UNIX operating system
  • Introduction to the Solaris Distributed Computing Environment
  • UNIX file system management
  • Korn and C Shells
  • Integrated UNIX text editors
  • Customization of the user's login environment
  • Security, printing, backups, and process management
  • Career guidance with insights into UNIX administration jobs and UNIX certification opportunities

This Cisco(r) authorized textbook accompanies the Sun Microsystems(tm) sponsored Fundamentals of UNIX Web-based course in the Cisco Networking Academy Program. Cisco Networking Academy Program: Fundamentals of UNIX Companion Guide reinforces concepts pertaining to UNIX fundamentals, administration, and certification. It provides an in-depth discussion of powerful UNIX command-line utilities and the graphical Common Desktop Environment (CDE).

Students are first introduced to the command-line method of accomplishing a task and then the corresponding graphical CDE methods. Students who complete this course will be on their way to becoming power users and will feel comfortable with most varieties of UNIX, including Sun(tm)'s Solaris(tm).

The text provides clearly defined learning objectives, real-world examples, summaries of key concepts, and review questions with answers provided at the back of the book. A separate lab companion offers hands-on lab exercises, Web-based research projects, and guided field studies.

Cisco Press is a collaboration between Cisco Systems(r), Inc., and Pearson Education that is charged with developing high-quality, cutting-edge educational and reference products for the networking industry. The products in the Cisco Networking Academy Program series are designed to prepare students for careers in the exciting Internet technology field. These products have proven to be strong supplements to the Web-based curriculum and are the only print companions that have been reviewed and endorsed by Cisco Systems for Cisco Networking Academy Program use.

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Companion CD-ROM

The CD-ROM contains over 50 interactive e-Lab activities that provide drag-and-drop exercises and matching games, as well as simulated command-line interface environments to practice common UNIX commands based on lab exercises in the online curriculum.

This book is part of the Cisco Networking Academy Program Series. The products in this series support and complement the Cisco Networking Academy Program.

Table of Contents

1. The UNIX Computing Environment.
2. Accessing Your System and the Common Desktop Environment.
3. CDE User Applications.
4. Getting Help.
5. Accessing Files and Directories.
6. Basic Directory and File Management.
7. Advanced Directory and File Management.
8. Files and User Information Utilities.
9. Using Text Editors.
10. File System Security.
11. UNIX Printing.
12. Backing Up Data.
13. System Processes and Memory Management.
14. Basic Features of the Korn and C Shells.
15. Customizing Your Login Environment.
16. Network Basics.
17. Career Guidance.
Appendix A. Check Your Understanding Answer Key
Appendix B. Master Command List.
Appendix C. vi Editor Quick Reference.
Appendix D. Solaris for Intel Download and Installation Instructions.
Appendix E. mailx
Appendix F. e-Lab Activities Listing.
Appendix G. Hands-On Lab Listing.
Appendix H. Web Site Resources.



《UNIX基礎指南》是思科網絡學院計劃UNIX課程的唯一授權教材。該課程由Sun Microsystems贊助。本書涵蓋以下主題:
- 當前網絡操作系統、局域網/廣域網概念以及網絡架構、拓撲和協議的概述
- UNIX操作系統的歷史
- Solaris分散計算環境的介紹
- UNIX文件系統管理
- Korn和C Shell
- 集成的UNIX文本編輯器
- 自定義用戶登錄環境
- 安全性、打印、備份和進程管理
- 提供UNIX管理工作和UNIX認證機會的職業指導

本書是思科授權教材,配合Sun Microsystems贊助的《UNIX基礎網絡學院計劃》網絡課程。《UNIX基礎指南》加強了有關UNIX基礎知識、管理和認證的概念。它深入討論了強大的UNIX命令行工具和圖形化的Common Desktop Environment(CDE)。



思科出版社是思科系統公司和Pearson Education的合作,負責開發高質量、尖端的教育和參考產品,為網絡行業提供支持。思科網絡學院計劃系列產品旨在為學生在令人興奮的互聯網技術領域中的職業生涯做好準備。這些產品已被證明是網絡課程的強大補充,並且是思科系統為思科網絡學院計劃使用審查和認可的唯一印刷伴侶。

關於Sun Microsystems, Inc.
自1982年成立以來,一個獨特的願景-網絡即計算機-推動了Sun Microsystems, Inc.成為領先的工業級硬件、軟件和服務提供商,為互聯網提供動力,使全球企業能夠將業務推向更高層次。Sun在170多個國家和地區都有業務,網址是。



1. UNIX計算環境
2. 訪問系統和常用桌面環境
3. CDE用戶應用程序
4. 獲取幫助
5. 訪問文件和目錄
6. 基本目錄和文件管理
7. 高級目錄和文件管理
8. 文件和用戶信息工具
9. 使用文本編輯器
10. 文件系統安全性
11. UNIX打印
12. 數據備份
13. 系統進程