Cisco Networking Academy Program IT Essentials II: Network Operating Systems Com

Cisco Systems Inc., Cisco Networking Academy Program

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  • 出版日期: 2003-03-29
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  • ISBN-13: 9781587130977
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The only authorized companion textbook for the Cisco Networking Academy Program

This Companion Guide maps to the current version of the web-based course and contains many advancements and extra learning aids, including the following:

  • Close alignment with the online curriculum to provide step-by-step guidance for students
  • Chapter objectives provide references to the concepts covered in each chapter, and an extensive glossary lists key terms and their definitions
  • Review questions at the end of each chapter track progress and aid studying
  • Accompanying CD-ROM includes exclusive enrichment materials such as 22 e-Lab activities, more than 500 practice exam questions, 11 PhotoZooms of networking equipment, and 10 instructional videos that prepare students for the CompTIA Server+ and Linux+ exams
  • Additional resources on the CD-ROM include information on how to manage a network with HP Network Node Manager, as well as certification maps for the CompTIA Server+ and Linux+ certification exam objectives

Cisco Networking Academy Program IT Essentials II: Network Operating Systems Companion Guide is the Cisco approved textbook that supports the Hewlett-Packard sponsored web-based course of the Cisco Networking Academy Program. This book and its companion titles from Cisco Press prepare students for the CompTIA Server+ certification exam and, when studied in conjunction with the Fundamentals of UNIX course and its related titles, the CompTIA Linux+ certification exam. It introduces readers to basic networking concepts, NOS management and administration, and network security. It also includes an overview of Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Linux, and Novell NetWare. This book prepares readers to become server systems specialists who can perform basic installation, operation, administration, and troubleshooting services.

Cisco Press is a collaboration between Cisco Systems, Inc., and Pearson Education that is charged with developing high-quality, cutting-edge educational and reference products for the networking industry. The products in the Cisco Networking Academy Program series are designed to prepare students for careers in the exciting networking field. These products have proven to be strong supplements to the web-based curriculum and are the only print companions that have been reviewed and endorsed by Cisco Systems for Cisco Networking Academy Program use.

Companion CD-ROM
This companion CD-ROM contains comprehensive exam questions, interactive e-Lab activities, high- resolution photographs, and video vignettes covering network operating systems.

Table of Contents

1. Operating System Fundamentals.
2. Introduction to Networking.
3. Physical Components of a Network.
4. TCP/IP Networking.
5. Overview of Network Services.
6. Introduction to Network Operating Systems.
7. Installation and Boot Process Overview.
8. Windows 2000 Professional.
9. Linux Installation Procedures.
10. Linux.
11. Advanced NOS Administration.
12. Installing and Maintaining Hardware in a Linux Environment.
13. Troubleshooting the Operating System.
14. Network Security.
Appendix A. Answers to Check Your Understanding Questions.
Glossary of Key Terms.



這是 Cisco Networking Academy Program 的唯一授權教材伴讀指南。這本伴讀指南與網路課程的最新版本相符,並包含許多進階和額外的學習輔助工具,包括以下內容:

- 與線上課程緊密結合,為學生提供逐步指導。
- 章節目標提供對每個章節所涵蓋概念的參考,廣泛的詞彙表列出關鍵詞及其定義。
- 每章結尾的複習問題追蹤進度並幫助學習。
- 附帶的 CD-ROM 包含獨家的豐富資料,如 22 個 e-Lab 活動、超過 500 個練習考題、11 張網路設備的 PhotoZooms 圖片和 10 個教學影片,為學生準備 CompTIA Server+ 和 Linux+ 考試。
- CD-ROM 上的其他資源包括如何使用 HP Network Node Manager 管理網路的資訊,以及 CompTIA Server+ 和 Linux+ 認證考試目標的認證地圖。

《Cisco Networking Academy Program IT Essentials II: Network Operating Systems Companion Guide》是 Cisco 批准的教材,支援 Cisco Networking Academy Program 的 Hewlett-Packard 贊助的網路課程。這本書及其相關的 Cisco Press 伴讀指南可幫助學生準備 CompTIA Server+ 認證考試,並與《Fundamentals of UNIX》課程及其相關的伴讀指南一起學習,準備 CompTIA Linux+ 認證考試。它介紹了基本的網路概念、NOS 管理和管理,以及網路安全。它還包括 Windows NT/2000、Windows XP、Linux 和 Novell NetWare 的概述。這本書使讀者能夠成為能夠執行基本安裝、操作、管理和疑難排解服務的伺服器系統專家。

Cisco Press 是 Cisco Systems, Inc. 和 Pearson Education 的合作項目,負責開發高品質、尖端的教育和參考產品,用於網路行業。Cisco Networking Academy Program 系列產品旨在為學生在令人興奮的網路領域中建立職業生涯做好準備。這些產品已被證明是線上課程的強大補充,並且是唯一經 Cisco Systems 審查和認可的印刷伴讀指南,供 Cisco Networking Academy Program 使用。

伴讀 CD-ROM:這個伴讀 CD-ROM 包含全面的考試問題、互動式 e-Lab 活動、高解析度的照片和涵蓋網路作業系統的影片短片。

- 簡介
- 作業系統基礎
- 網路介紹
- 網路的實體組件
- TCP/IP 網路
- 網路服務概述
- 網路作業系統介紹
- 安裝和開機過程概述
- Windows 2000 專業版
- Linux 安裝程序
- Linux
- 進階 NOS 管理
- 在 Linux 環境中安裝和維護硬體
- 疑難排解作業系統
- 網路安全
- 附錄 A:檢查理解問題的答案
- 關鍵詞詞彙表