Building the Mobile Internet (Paperback)

Mark Grayson, Kevin Shatzkamer, Klaas Wierenga



The complete guide to technologies and protocols for delivering seamless mobile Internet experiences


In Building the MobileInternet, three leading mobility architects and implementers from Cisco present complete foundational knowledge about tomorrow’s mobile Internet. The authors cover everything from market trends and user expectations to the latest technical approaches for making the Internet “mobile by design.”


Writing for senior technology decision-makers and network design professionals, the authors explain the relatively static nature of the Internet’s original protocols and design, discuss the concept of “mobility,” and identify evolving mobility requirements. Next, they thoroughly explain each of today’s most promising techniques for building mobility into the Internet, from data link layer to application layer. For each layer, the authors cover mechanisms, protocols, relevant Wi-Fi and cellular architectures, and key use cases.


Using this book’s guidance, mobile network executives can define more effective strategies, network designers can construct more effective architectures, and network engineers can execute more successful migrations.


Mark Grayson, Cisco Distinguished Consulting Engineer, leads Cisco’s mobile architecture strategy. He has 20+ years of wireless experience ranging from military and satellite systems to the evolution of traditional cellular architectures and the creation of new small cell solutions. He has been granted 50+ patents.

Kevin Shatzkamer, Cisco Distinguished Systems Architect, is responsible for long-term strategy and architectural evolution of Cisco mobile wireless networks. His experience ranges from 3G and LTE to security, video distribution, and QoS. He now works with both content providers and service providers to enhance the end-to-end digital media value chain for mobility.

Klaas Wierenga, Senior Consulting Engineer in Cisco’s Office of the CTO, has 15+ years of experience implementing diverse mobility, security, and identity solutions for enterprises, municipalities, hospitals, and universities. He created the worldwide eduroam service for federated network access in academia.



· Understanding key mobility market trends: device proliferation, accelerating consumption, and radio-specific scalability problems

· Reviewing the challenges that mobility presents to conventional Internet architectures

· Understanding nomadicity, including authentication for users moving across networks and operators

· Identifying opportunities to address mobility at the data link layer

· Comparing and using network layer solutions to deliver seamless mobility and session continuity

· Integrating mobility functionality into the transport/session layer

· Adding mobility functionality to the application layer–including support for moving media sessions between devices

· Redesigning Internet architecture to enable long-term improvements to mobility


This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press®, which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.







馬克·格雷森(Mark Grayson)是思科傑出諮詢工程師,領導思科的行動架構戰略。他擁有20多年的無線經驗,從軍事和衛星系統到傳統蜂窩網絡架構的演進和新的小型蜂窩解決方案的創建。他獲得了50多項專利。

凱文·夏茨卡默(Kevin Shatzkamer)是思科傑出系統架構師,負責思科移動無線網絡的長期戰略和架構演進。他的經驗涵蓋了3G和LTE到安全、視頻分發和QoS。他現在與內容提供商和服務提供商合作,增強行動性的端到端數字媒體價值鏈。

克拉斯·維倫加(Klaas Wierenga)是思科首席技術官辦公室的高級諮詢工程師,擁有15多年的企業、市政、醫院和大學實施多樣化行動性、安全性和身份解決方案的經驗。他創建了全球性的學術聯盟網絡訪問服務eduroam。