Understanding Session Border Controllers: Comprehensive Guide to Designing, Deploying, Troubleshooting, and Maintaining Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) Solutions (Paperback)

Kaustubh Inamdar, Steve Holl, Gonzalo Salgueiro, Kyzer Davis, Chidambaram Arunachalam

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  • 出版日期: 2018-12-06
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  • ISBN-13: 9781587144769
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The complete guide to deploying and operating SBC solutions, Including Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE)

Enterprise and service provider networks are increasingly adopting SIP as the guiding protocol for session management, and require leveraging Session Border Controller (SBC) technology to enable this transition. Thousands of organizations have made the Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) their SBC technology of choice.

Understanding Session Border Controllers gives network professionals and consultants a comprehensive guide to SBC theory, design, deployment, operation, security, troubleshooting, and more. Using CUBE-based examples, the authors offer insights that will be valuable to technical professionals using any SBC solution.

The authors thoroughly cover native call control protocols, SBC behavior, and SBC’s benefits for topology abstraction, demarcation and security, media, and protocol interworking. They also present practical techniques and configurations for achieving interoperability with a wide variety of collaboration products and solutions.

  • Evaluate key benefits of SBC solutions for security, management, and interoperability
  • Master core concepts of SIP, H.323, DTMF, signaling interoperability, call routing, fax/modem over IP, security, media handling, and media/signal forking in the SBC context
  • Compare SBC deployment scenarios, and optimize deployment for your environment
  • Size and scale an SBC platform for your environment, prevent oversubscription of finite resources, and control cost through careful licensing
  • Use SBCs as a back-to-back user agent (B2BUA) to interoperate between asymmetric VoIP networks
  • Establish SIP trunking for PSTN access via SBCs
  • Interoperate with call servers, proxies, fax servers, ITSPs, redirect servers, call recording servers, contact centers, and other devices
  • Secure real-time communications over IP
  • Mitigate security threats associated with complex SIP deployments
  • Efficiently monitor and manage an SBC environment


《部署和操作 SBC 解決方案的完整指南,包括 Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE)》

企業和服務提供商網絡越來越多地採用 SIP 作為會話管理的指導協議,並需要利用會話邊界控制器 (SBC) 技術來實現這一轉變。成千上萬的組織已經選擇 Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) 作為他們的 SBC 技術。

《理解會話邊界控制器》為網絡專業人士和顧問提供了一本全面的 SBC 理論、設計、部署、操作、安全、故障排除等指南。作者們使用基於 CUBE 的示例,提供了對任何 SBC 解決方案都有價值的洞察。

作者們全面介紹了原生呼叫控制協議、SBC 行為以及 SBC 在拓撲抽象、分界和安全、媒體和協議互通方面的優勢。他們還提供了實用的技術和配置,以實現與各種協作產品和解決方案的互操作性。

  • 評估 SBC 解決方案在安全性、管理性和互操作性方面的關鍵優勢

  • 掌握 SIP、H.323、DTMF、信令互通、呼叫路由、IP 上的傳真/調制解調器、安全性、媒體處理以及 SBC 上的媒體/信令分叉的核心概念

  • 比較 SBC 部署方案,並根據您的環境進行優化部署

  • 為您的環境規模化 SBC 平台,避免有限資源的過度訂閱,並通過謹慎的許可控制成本

  • 將 SBC 用作對稱 VoIP 網絡之間的互操作的背對背用戶代理 (B2BUA)

  • 通過 SBC 建立 SIP 中繼線以獲取 PSTN 存取

  • 與呼叫服務器、代理、傳真服務器、ITSP、重定向服務器、通話錄音服務器、聯繫中心和其他設備進行互操作

  • 保護 IP 上的實時通信

  • 緩解與複雜 SIP 部署相關的安全威脅

  • 高效監控和管理 SBC 環境