Cisco CCNA routing and Switching ICND1 100-101, ICND2 200-101 Academic Edition (Set of two Books) (Official Cert Guide)

Wendell Odom



The new edition of bestselling CCNA 200-120 Cert Guide Library, Academic Edition by Wendell Odom textbook and study package for a beginner to intermediate-level networking course. The two books in this package: CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-101 Official Cert Guide, Academic Edition and CCNA ICND2 200-101 Official Cert Guide, Academic Edition have been completely revised to align to Cisco's new CCNA 200-120 exam. Material is presented in a concise manner, focusing on increasing student's retention and recall of exam topics. The books are printed in four color, allowing students to benefit from carefully crafted figures that utilize color to convey concepts. Students will organize their study through the use of the consistent features in the chapters, including:


•             Foundation Topics – These sections make up the majority of the page count, explaining concepts, configurations, with emphasis on the theory and concepts, and with linking the theory to the meaning of the configuration commands.

•             Key Topics – Inside the Foundation Topics sections, every figure, table, or list that should absolutely be understood and remembered for the exam is noted with the words “Key Topic” in the margin. This tool allows the reader to quickly review the most important details in each chapter.

•             Chapter-ending Summaries – These bulleted lists provide a quick and concise review of the key topics covered in each chapter.

•             Chapter-ending Review Questions – Each chapter provides a set of multiple choice questions that help student’s test their knowledge of the chapter concepts, including answers and full explanations.

•             Chapter-ending Exercises – Each chapter concludes with a series of exercises designed to help students increase their retention of the chapter content including key term reviews, key topic tables, command review exercises, and memory table exercises.

•             Part Reviews – This new edition includes a new part review feature that helps students consolidate their knowledge of concepts presented across multiple chapters. A new mind mapping exercise helps students build strong mental maps of concepts. A new exam bank of part review questions helps students test themselves with scenario-based questions that span multiple topics.


In addition to these powerful chapter learning, review, and practice features, this book also contains several other features that make it a truly effective and comprehensive study package, including:


•             Getting Started chapters at the beginning of each book. These are great overviews of the books and offer terrific advice for how to build an effective study plan.

•             The DVD contains over 150 minutes of video mentoring from the author on challenging topics such as CLI navigation, router configuration, switch basics, VLANs, subnetting, OSPF, EIGRP, EIGRP Metrics, PPP, and CHAP.

•             The books come complete with the CCENT ICND1 and CCNA ICND2 Network Simulator Lite software, providing students with the opportunity to practice their hands-on command line interface skills with Cisco routers and switches. The 26 labs included for free with this product cover a range of IP addressing and EIGRP configuration and troubleshooting exercises.

•             The Pearson IT Certification Practice Test software that comes with the books includes 4 full ICND1 exams, 4 full ICND2 exams and 8 full CCNA exams, providing tons of opportunities to assess and practice. Including the book review questions and part review questions, the exam banks includes more than 900 unique practice questions.

•             This book also comes with free versions of the Premium Edition eBooks, allowing students to access the digital copies in PDF, EPUB, or Kindle format on their computer or mobile device.

•             Final Preparation Chapters help students review for final exams and prepare to take the official Cisco CCNA exams, if they want to achieve that certification.

•             Study Plan Templates are included on the DVD to help students organize their study time.


暢銷書籍《CCNA 200-120 Cert Guide Library, Academic Edition》的新版由Wendell Odom撰寫,適用於初學者到中級水平的網絡課程。這套書籍包括兩本:《CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-101 Official Cert Guide, Academic Edition》和《CCNA ICND2 200-101 Official Cert Guide, Academic Edition》,已經完全修訂以符合思科的新CCNA 200-120考試。內容以簡潔的方式呈現,重點放在提高學生對考試主題的記憶和回憶上。書籍以四色印刷,讓學生受益於精心製作的圖表,利用顏色傳達概念。學生可以通過章節中的一致特點來組織學習,包括:

- 基礎主題:這些部分佔了大部分頁數,解釋概念、配置,強調理論和概念,並將理論與配置命令的含義相關聯。
- 關鍵主題:在基礎主題部分中,每個圖表、表格或列表都用“關鍵主題”一詞在邊緣中標註,以便讀者快速回顧每章中最重要的細節。
- 章節結束摘要:這些項目以項目符號列出,提供對每章涵蓋的關鍵主題的快速簡明回顧。
- 章節結束審查問題:每章提供一組多項選擇問題,幫助學生測試他們對章節概念的理解,包括答案和詳細解釋。
- 章節結束練習:每章都以一系列練習結束,旨在幫助學生加深對章節內容的記憶,包括關鍵詞回顧、關鍵主題表格、命令回顧練習和記憶表格練習。
- 部分回顧:這個新版包括一個新的部分回顧功能,幫助學生整合跨多個章節呈現的概念。一個新的思維導圖練習幫助學生建立強大的概念心智圖。一個新的部分回顧問題的考試庫幫助學生通過涵蓋多個主題的情境問題來測試自己。


- 每本書開頭的入門章節。這些章節提供了對書籍的概述,並提供了建立有效學習計劃的建議。
- DVD內含作者在CLI導航、路由器配置、交換機基礎、VLAN、子網劃分、OSPF、EIGRP、EIGRP Metr等具有挑戰性的主題上的150分鐘視頻指導。