Cisco CCNP Switching Exam Certification Guide

Tim Boyles, David Hucaby

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  • 出版日期: 2000-12-20
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  • ISBN-13: 9781587200007
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The official study guide for CCNP and CCDP Switching Exam #640-504

Coverage of the CCNP/CCDP Switching exam topics enables you to identify and fill your knowledge gaps before the exam date. You will learn how to:

  • Design, build, and maintain high-speed, multilayer switched networks running Fast and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Define common workgroups and configure and manage Virtual LANs with VTP
  • Utilize redundant switch links to increase campus network reliability
  • Understand ATM and use LAN Emulation (LANE) technology for trunking
  • Configure Catalyst switches and Cisco routers to enable interVLAN routing, providing complete connectivity across the switched network
  • Apply HSRP in the campus environment to provide load sharing and backup capabilities
  • Understand and configure basic multicast networks, implementing services at each layer of the network to enable access to multicast groups
  • Control network traffic with access policies

CCNP Switching Exam Certification Guide is a comprehensive study tool for the CCNP/CCDP Switching Exam #640-504. This exam evaluates your ability to build campus networks using multilayer switching technologies and to manage campus network traffic. This book covers all the major topics on the Switching Exam, enabling you to master the concepts and technologies upon which you will be tested, including switched Ethernet, trunking, multicasting, multilayer switching, VLANs, ATM, LANE, interVLAN routing, HSRP, network traffic control, and monitoring and troubleshooting techniques.

Each chapter of CCNP Switching Exam Certification Guide focuses your study and tests your knowledge of the subjects through specially designed assessment and study features. "Do I Know This Already?" quizzes assess your knowledge and help you decide how much time you need to spend on each section within a chapter. The well-organized Foundation Topics sections detail all of the exam topics you need to master. Each chapter includes a Foundation Summary section highlighting essential concepts for quick reference. Challenging chapter-ending review questions and exercises test your knowledge of the subject matter, reinforce key concepts, and provide you with the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the chapter. In addition, a final chapter of scenarios pulls together concepts from all of the chapters to ensure you can apply your knowledge in a real-world environment. Finally, the companion CD-ROM's robust testing engine enables you to take practice exams that mimic the real testing environment, focus on particular topic areas, randomize answers for reusability, track your progress, and refer to electronic text for review.

CCNP Switching Exam Certification Guide is part of a recommended study program from Cisco Systems that includes training courses and materials from Cisco's Internet Learning Solutions Group, hands-on experience, and Coursebooks and exam guides from Cisco Press. With experience and training under your belt, this book enables you to retain and master the multilayer switching knowledge vital for attaining CCNP or CCDP certification and succeeding in your daily job.

Companion CD-ROM
This companion CD-ROM contains a test bank with over 200 practice questions.


《CCNP和CCDP Switching考試640-504的官方學習指南》

本書涵蓋了CCNP/CCDP Switching考試的主題,讓您能在考試日期前確定並填補知識上的空白。您將學習以下內容:

- 設計、構建和維護運行快速和千兆以太網的高速多層交換網絡
- 定義常見的工作組並使用VTP配置和管理虛擬局域網(VLAN)
- 利用冗餘交換機連接以提高校園網絡的可靠性
- 了解ATM並使用LAN Emulation(LANE)技術進行干道配置
- 配置Catalyst交換機和Cisco路由器以啟用跨交換網絡的VLAN路由,實現完整的連接性
- 在校園環境中應用HSRP以提供負載共享和備份功能
- 了解並配置基本的多播網絡,實現在網絡的每一層上提供對多播組的訪問的服務
- 使用存取策略控制網絡流量

《CCNP Switching考試認證指南》是CCNP/CCDP Switching考試640-504的全面學習工具。該考試評估您使用多層交換技術構建校園網絡和管理校園網絡流量的能力。本書涵蓋了Switching考試的所有主要主題,讓您能掌握將在考試中被測試的概念和技術,包括交換式以太網、干道、多播、多層交換、VLAN、ATM、LANE、VLAN路由、HSRP、網絡流量控制以及監控和故障排除技術。

《CCNP Switching考試認證指南》的每一章都專注於您的學習並通過特別設計的評估和學習功能測試您的知識。"我是否已經知道這個?"的測驗評估您的知識並幫助您決定在每個章節中需要花費多少時間。組織良好的基礎主題部分詳細介紹了您需要掌握的所有考試主題。每一章還包括一個基礎摘要部分,突出了快速參考的基本概念。具有挑戰性的章節結束的評論問題和練習測試您對主題的知識,強化關鍵概念,並提供應用您在該章節中學到的知識的機會。此外,最後一章的情景將所有章節的概念結合起來,以確保您能在實際環境中應用您的知識。最後,配套CD-ROM的強大測試引擎使您能夠進行模擬真實測試環境的練習考試,專注於特定主題領域,對答案進行隨機化以便重複使用,跟踪您的進度,並參考電子文本進行復習。

《CCNP Switching考試認證指南》是Cisco Systems推薦的學習計劃的一部分,該計劃包括來自Cisco的互聯網學習解決方案組的培訓課程和材料,實踐經驗,以及來自Cisco Press的課程書籍和考試指南。在積累經驗和接受培訓的基礎上,本書使您能夠掌握對於獲得CCNP或CCDP認證以及在日常工作中取得成功至關重要的多層交換知識。