CCIE Security Exam Certification Guide (CCIE Self-Study), 2/e

Henry Benjamin

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Official self-study test preparation guide for the CCIE Security written exam 350-018


Updated content covers all the latest CCIE Security written exam 2.0 objectives, including:

  • AES, EAP, IOS SSH, RDEP, and intrusion prevention
  • DNS, TFTP, Secure Shell, Secure Socket Layer Protocol, NTP, and SNMP
  • Password security, password recovery, and standard and extended access lists
  • Encryption technologies and security protocols, including IPSec, AES, 3DES, TACACS+, and RADIUS
  • Cisco security applications, including Cisco Secure PIX® Firewall, VPN, IDS, IPS, and Cisco Policy Manager
  • Basic security methods and the evolution of new secure networks including packet filtering, proxies, and NAT/PAT
  • Cisco security applications such as the VPN 3000, client-side VPNs, and service modules 

With increased reliance on networking resources to provide productivity gains and corporate revenue contributions, the need for network security has never been higher. Rising concerns over corporate espionage, cyber-terrorism, financial fraud, and theft of proprietary information have radically increased the demand for highly skilled networking security professionals. As one of the most sought-after and highly valued networking certifications, the Cisco Systems® CCIE Security certification is answering the need for technical expertise in this critical market by distinguishing the top echelon of internetworking experts.


CCIE Security Exam Certification Guide, Second Edition, is a comprehensive study tool for the CCIE Security written exam version 2.0. Fully updated and reviewed by present and former members of the CCIE Security team at Cisco®, this book helps you understand and master the material you need to know to pass the written exam. Covering all the topics in this challenging exam, this book is your ultimate exam preparation resource. Designed to optimize your study time, CCIE Security Exam Certification Guide helps you assess your knowledge of the material at the start of each chapter with customized quizzes for each topic. Increase retention of key concepts by reviewing succinct summaries of crucial concepts. Test your comprehension with chapter-ending review questions. Determine your assimilation of knowledge and get a taste of the CCIE Security lab exam with sample lab scenarios in the last chapter. Take timed practice exams that mimic the real testing environment with the CD-ROM test engine or customize the test bank to focus on the topics for which you need the most help.


CCIE Security Exam Certification Guide, Second Edition, is part of a recommended study program from Cisco Systems that includes simulation and hands-on training from authorized Cisco Learning Partners and self-study products from Cisco Press. To find out more about instructor-led, e-learning, and hands-on instruction offered by authorized Cisco Learning Partners worldwide, please visit


“This book will be a valuable asset for potential CCIE Security candidates. I am positive individuals will inevitably gain extensive security network knowledge during their preparation for the CCIE Security written exam using this book.”

-Yusuf Hussain Bhaiji, CCIE Security Program Manager, Cisco Systems


Companion CD-ROM

CD-ROM contains a test engine with over 500 questions covering the full range of CCIE Security written exam topics, flash card format practice questions, and an electronic version of the text.

CD-ROM test engine powered by Boson Software is a Cisco Learning Partner.


This volume is part of the Exam Certification Guide Series from Cisco Press®. Books in this series provide officially developed exam preparation materials that offer assessment, review, and practice to help Cisco Career Certification candidates identify weaknesses, concentrate their study efforts, and enhance their confidence as exam day nears.





Table of Contents:



Chapter 1 General Networking Topics

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz

Foundation Topics

Networking Basics–The OSI Reference Model

Layer 1: The Physical Layer

Layer 2: The Data Link Layer

Layer 3: The Network Layer

Layer 4: The Transport Layer

Layer 5: The Session Layer

Layer 6: The Presentation Layer

Layer 7: The Application Layer

TCP/IP and OSI Model Comparison

Example of Peer-to-Peer Communication

Ethernet Overview

Switching and Bridging

Bridge Port States

Fast EtherChannel

Internet Protocol

Variable-Length Subnet Masks

Classless Interdomain Routing

Transmission Control Protocol

TCP Mechanisms

TCP/IP Services

Address Resolution Protocol

Reverse ARP

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Hot Standby Router Protocol

Internet Control Message Protocol


File Transfer Protocol and Trivial File Transfer Protocol

Routing Protocols

Routing Information Protocol

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

Open Shortest Path First

Border Gateway Protocol

Integrated Services Digital Network

Basic Rate and Primary Rate Interfaces

ISDN Framing and Frame Format

ISDN Layer 2 Protocols

Cisco IOS ISDN Commands

IP Multicast

Asynchronous Communications and Access Devices

Telephony Best Practices

Wireless Best Practices

Foundation Summary

Wireless Best Practices

Q & A

Scenario: Routing IP on Cisco Routers

Scenario Answers

Chapter 2 Application Protocols

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz

Foundation Topics

Domain Name System

Trivial File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol

Active FTP

Passive FTP

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Secure Sockets Layer

Simple Network Management Protocol

SNMP Notifications

SNMP Examples

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Network Time Protocol

Secure Shell and Cisco IOS SSH


Remote Data Exchange Protocol

Foundation Summary

Q & A

Scenario: Configuring DNS, TFTP, NTP, and SNMP

Scenario Answers

Chapter 3 Cisco IOS Specifics and Security

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz

Foundation Topics

Cisco Hardware

Random-Access Memory

 Nonvolatile RAM

System Flash

Central Processing Unit

Read-Only Memory

Configuration Registers

Cisco Interfaces

Saving and Loading Files

show and debug Commands

Router CLI

show Commands

Debugging Cisco Routers

Password Recovery

Basic Security on Cisco Routers

IP Access Lists

Access Lists on Cisco Routers

Extended Access Lists

Layer 2 Switching Security

CAM Table Overflow

VLAN Hopping

Spanning Tree Protocol Manipulation

MAC Spoofing Attack

DHCP Starvation Attacks

Security Policy Best Practices–A Cisco View

Foundation Summary

Q & A

Scenario: Configuring Cisco Routers for Passwords and
Access Lists

Scenario Answers

Chapter 4 Security Protocols

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz

Foundation Topics

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting




Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service

RADIUS Configuration Task List

Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus

TACACS+ Configuration Task List


Encryption Technology Overview

DES and 3DES

Advanced Encryption Standard

Message Digest 5 and Secure Hash Algorithm


IP Security

Certificate Enrollment Protocol

Extensible Authentication Protocol, Protected EAP, and Temporal Key Integrity Protocol

Virtual Private Dial-Up Networks (VPDN)

VPDN Configuration Task List

Foundation Summary

Q & A

Scenario: Configuring Cisco Routers for IPSec

Scenario Answers

Chapter 5 Cisco Security Applications

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz

Foundation Topics

Cisco Secure for Windows (NT) and Cisco Secure ACS

Cisco Secure ACS

IDS Fundamentals

Notification Alarms

Signature-Based IDS

Anomaly-Based IDS

Network-Based IDS Versus Host-Based IDS

IDS Placement

IDS Tuning

Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System and Catalyst Services Modules

Cisco Secure IDS

Cisco Inline IDS (Intrusion Prevention System)

Catalyst Services Module

CiscoWorks VMS

Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator

Cisco Secure VPN Client

Cisco Router and Security Device Manager

Security Information Monitoring System

Foundation Summary

Q & A

Scenario: Cisco Secure IDS Database Event

Scenario Answers

Chapter 6 Security Technologies

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz

Foundation Topics

Advanced Security Concepts

Network Address Translation and Port Address Translation

NAT Operation on Cisco Routers

Cisco PIX Firewall

Configuring a PIX Firewall

Troubleshooting PIX Firewall Log Files

Cisco PIX Firewall Software Features

Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set

CBAC Configuration Task List

Public Key Infrastructure

Virtual Private Networks

Network-Based Intrusion Detection Systems

Cisco Security Agent and Host-Based IDS

Cisco Threat Response

Cisco Threat Response IDS Requirements

Authorization Technologies (IOS Authentication 802.1X)

Foundation Summary

Q & A

Scenario: Configuring a Cisco PIX Firewall for NAT

Scenario Answer

Chapter 7 Network Security Policies, Vulnerabilities, and Protection

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz

Foundation Topics

Network Security Policies

Standards Bodies and Incident Response Teams

Incident Response Teams

Internet Newsgroups

Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Common Exploits

Intrusion Detection System

Protecting Cisco IOS from Intrusion

Foundation Summary

Q & A

Scenario: Defining Cisco IOS Commands to View DoS Attacks in Real Time

Scenario Answers

Chapter 8 CCIE Security Self-Study Lab

How to Use This Chapter

Preparing for this Lab

Goal of This Lab

CCIE Security Self-Study Lab Part I Goals

CCIE Security Self-Study Lab Part II Goals

General Lab Guidelines and Setup

Communications Server (0 Points)

CCIE Security Self-Study Lab Part I: Basic Network Connectivity (4 Hours)

Basic Frame Relay Setup (5 Points)

Physical Connectivity (0 Points)

Catalyst Ethernet Switch Setup I (5 Points)

Catalyst Ethernet Switch Setup II (6 Points)

IP Host Lookup and Disable DNS (1 Point)

PIX Configuration (6 Points)

IGP Routing (18 Points)

Basic ISDN Configuration (6 Points)

DHCP Configuration (3 Points)

BGP Routing Configuration (6 Points)

CCIE Security Self-Study Lab Part II: Advanced Security Design (4 Hours)

IP Access List (4 Points)

Prevent Denial-of-Service Attacks (4 Points)

Time-Based Access List (4 Points)

Dynamic Access List/Lock and Key Feature (5 Points)

Cisco IOS Firewall Configuration on R5 (6 Points)

IPSec Configuration (6 Points)

Advanced PIX Configuration (5 Points)

ACS Configuration (5 Points)

Cisco Intrusion Detection System (5 Points)

Final Configurations

Additional Advanced Lab Topics (No Solutions Provided)

Advanced Security Lab Topics (4 Points)

Content Filtering (2 Points)

FTP Issues (3 Points)

Routing Table Authenticity (4 Points)

Access Control on R2 Ethernet Interface (4 Points)


Appendix A  Answers to Quiz Questions

Appendix B  Study Tips for CCIE Security Examinations

Appendix C    Sample CCIE Routing and Switching Lab I

Appendix D    Sample CCIE Routing and Switching Lab II