CCNP Official Exam Certification Library, 5/e

Brent Stewart, David Hucaby, Brian Morgan, Neil Lovering, Amir Ranjbar

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  • 出版日期: 2007-08-11
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CCNP Official Exam Certification Library

Fifth Edition


CCNP Certification Library is a comprehensive review and practice package for the four Cisco® CCNP® exams: BSCI, BCMSN, ISCW, and ONT. The four books contained in this package, CCNP BSCI Official Exam Certification Guide, Fourth Edition, CCNP BCMSN Official Exam Certification Guide, Fourth Edition, CCNP ISCW Official Exam Certification Guide, and CCNP ONT Official Exam Certification Guide, present complete reviews and ample opportunities to test your knowledge of CCNP exam topics. These authorized Cisco CCNP study guides are written by CCIE® certified individuals and certified Cisco instructors, bringing years of teaching and consulting experience together in an ideal test preparation format.


CCNP BSCI Official Exam Certification Guide, Fourth Edition, helps you evaluate your ability to use advanced IP addressing and routing in implementing scalability for Cisco integrated services routers (ISRs) connected to LANs and WANs. This book covers all the topics on the CCNP BSCI exam 642-901. CCNP BCMSN Official Exam Certification Guide, Fourth Edition, covers all the topics on the CCNP BCMSN exam 642-812 and helps you understand how to implement scalable multilayer switched networks. CCNP ISCW Official Exam Certification Guide covers all the topics on the CCNP ISCW exam 642-825 and tests your ability to secure and expand the reach of an enterprise network to teleworkers and remote sites with a focus on securing remote access and VPN client configuration. CCNP ONT Official Exam Certification Guide covers all the topics on the CCNP ONT exam 642-845 and examines your ability to optimize and apply effective quality of service (QoS) techniques for converged networks.


Every chapter in each Cisco Press Official Exam Certification Guide focuses your study and tests your knowledge of the subject through specially designed assessment features. “Do I Know This Already?” quizzes assess your knowledge and help you decide how much time you need to spend on each section. The detailed Foundation Topics sections review the exam topics you will need to master. Each chapter includes a Foundation Summary section full of tables and concise reviews for quick reference. Challenging chapter-ending review questions and scenario-based exercises test your knowledge of the subject matter, reinforce key concepts, and ensure that you understand how all the technologies work together in a real-world environment. Finally, each book’s companion CD-ROM has a robust, customizable test engine that allows you to take practice exams that mimic the real testing environment. You can take a full sample exam, focus on particular topic areas, randomize answers for reusability, track your progress, examine your strengths and weaknesses, and refer to an electronic version of the book to review concepts.


CCNP Certification Library, Fifth Edition, is part of a recommended learning path from Cisco that can include simulation and hands-on training from authorized Cisco Learning Partners and self-study products from Cisco Press. To find out more about instructor-led, e-learning, and hands-on instruction offered by authorized Cisco Learning Partners, please visit


Coverage of all four CCNP exams enables you to identify and fill your knowledge gap before the exam date.

  • Prepare for the BSCI 642-901, BCMSN 642-812, ISCW 642-825, and ONT 642-845
  • CCNP BCSI Official Exam Certification Guide, Fourth Edition, coverage includes essential routing principles for designing and managing scalable network; EIGRP, OSPF, and IS-IS functions and operations; basic BGP configuration; multicast routing; Cisco IOS routing features, including redistribution, route filtering, and DHCP; and IPv6 addressing and the transition from IPv4 to IPv6
  • CCNP BCMSN Official Exam Certification Guide, Fourth Edition, coverage includes Spanning Tree Protocol concepts; virtual LAN (VLAN), VLAN trunking, and inter-VLAN routing; gateway redundancy technologies and protocols; wireless LAN topologies, components, connectivity, and standards; implementing a Cisco Unified Wireless Network; wireless client access; access layer voice concepts; and preventing and mitigating attacks against switched network security
  • CCNP ISCW Official Exam Certification Guide coverage includes the Cisco hierarchical network model as it pertains to the WAN; teleworker configuration and access with broadband technologies; Frame mode MPLS; IPsec VPN implementations; Cisco device hardening; Cisco IOS® Firewall features; and Cisco IOS Intrusion Prevention System(IPS) features
  • CCNP ONT Official Exam Certification Guide coverage includes implementing a voice-over-IP (VoIP) network; implementing QoS on converged networks; specific IP QoS mechanisms for implementing the DiffServ QoS model; AutoQoS; wireless security; and basic wireless management


4 Companion CD-ROMs

The four companion CD-ROMs contain test banks with a total of more than 800 practice questions, including simulation-based questions, and the full text in electronic format.


This volume is part of the Exam Certification Guide Series from Cisco Press®. Books in this series provide officially developed exam preparation materials that offer assessment, review, and practice to help Cisco Career Certification candidates identify weaknesses, concentrate their study efforts, and enhance their confidence as exam day nears.




《CCNP官方考試認證圖書館》是一套綜合的評估和練習資料,適用於四個思科® CCNP®考試:BSCI、BCMSN、ISCW和ONT。這套圖書館包含四本書籍:《CCNP BSCI官方考試認證指南》第四版、《CCNP BCMSN官方考試認證指南》第四版、《CCNP ISCW官方考試認證指南》和《CCNP ONT官方考試認證指南》,提供完整的評估和豐富的機會,以測試您對CCNP考試主題的知識。這些授權的思科CCNP學習指南由CCIE®認證人員和認證的思科講師撰寫,將多年的教學和咨詢經驗結合在一個理想的考試準備格式中。

《CCNP BSCI官方考試認證指南》第四版,幫助您評估自己在實施用於連接LAN和WAN的Cisco集成服務路由器(ISRs)的可擴展性方面使用高級IP地址和路由的能力。本書涵蓋了CCNP BSCI考試642-901的所有主題。《CCNP BCMSN官方考試認證指南》第四版,涵蓋了CCNP BCMSN考試642-812的所有主題,幫助您了解如何實施可擴展的多層交換網絡。《CCNP ISCW官方考試認證指南》涵蓋了CCNP ISCW考試642-825的所有主題,測試您保護和擴展企業網絡到遠程工作者和遠程站點的能力,重點放在保護遠程訪問和VPN客戶端配置上。《CCNP ONT官方考試認證指南》涵蓋了CCNP ONT考試642-845的所有主題,檢查您優化和應用有效的服務質量(QoS)技術於融合網絡的能力。

每本思科出版社官方考試認證指南的每一章節都通過特別設計的評估功能來聚焦您的學習並測試您對該主題的知識。 "我已經知道這個嗎?" 測驗評估您的知識,並幫助您決定需要花多少時間在每個部分上。詳細的基礎主題部分回顧了您需要掌握的考試主題。每章包括一個基礎摘要部分,其中包含表格和簡潔的回顧,以供快速參考。具有挑戰性的章節結束的評論問題和基於情境的練習測試您對主題的知識,強化關鍵概念,並確保您了解所有技術在現實環境中如何協同工作。最後,每本書的附帶CD-ROM具有強大的可自定義測試引擎,允許您進行模擬真實測試環境的練習考試。您可以參加完整的樣本考試,專注於特定主題領域,隨機化答案以便重複使用,跟踪您的進度,檢查您的優勢和弱點,並參考電子版本的書籍來複習概念。