Getting to Know ArcObjects

Robert Burke

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  • 裝訂: Paperback
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  • ISBN-13: 9781589480186
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ArcObjects™ are the building blocks of ArcGIS®, geographic information system (GIS) software from ESRI®. With ArcObjects, you can create your own menus, tools, workflows, applications, and custom feature classes for use with ArcGIS. Getting to Know ArcObjects is designed to teach programmers of all skill levels, including absolute beginners, how to work with ArcObjects using Microsoft® Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Getting to Know ArcObjects teaches the basics of VBA programming, then progresses quickly to ArcObjects. Readers learn what ArcObjects are, use object model diagrams to find out what individual objects do, and program objects to execute specific GIS tasks, including:

  • Adding layers to a map
  • Defining layer symbology
  • Querying data
  • Working with selected features
  • Creating dynamic layouts
  • Editing feature attributes

    Like other books in the Getting to Know series, Getting to Know ArcObjects uses a proven learning method that combines focused conceptual material with step-based exercises. Diagrams and color graphics enhance the concepts and provide direction and reinforcement in the exercises.

    Getting to Know ArcObjects supports the self-learner and makes a practical lab manual for instructors in the classroom. Those who are new to programming, or just new to ArcObjects, will find this book to be the perfect starting place for getting the most out of ArcGIS and the objects on which it is built.


    Table of Contents:

    Chapter 1 Programming with objects
    Section 1 Understanding VBA
    Chapter 2 Building a custom application
    Exercise 2a Organizing commands on a toolbar
    Exercise 2b Making your own commands
    Exercise 2c Storing values with variables
    Chapter 3 Creating a dialog box
    Exercise 3 Using controls to build a form
    Chapter 4 Programming with objects
    Exercise 4a Programming with methods
    Exercise 4b Getting and setting an object's properties
    Chapter 5 Code for making decisions
    Exercise 5a Making a Case for branching
    Exercise 5b Coding an If Then statement
    Chapter 6 Using subroutines and functions
    Exercise 6a Calling a subroutine
    Exercise 6b Passing values to a subroutine
    Exercise 6c Making several calls to a single subroutine
    Exercise 6d Returning values with functions
    Chapter 7 Looping your code
    Exercise 7a Coding a For loop
    Exercise 7b Coding a Do loop
    Chapter 8 Fixing bugs
    Exercise 8 Using the debug tools
    Section 2 Understanding ArcObjects
    Chapter 9 Making your own objects
    Exercise 9a Creating classes
    Exercise 9b Creating objects
    Chapter 10 Programming with interfaces
    Exercise 10a Using IApplication and IDocument
    Exercise 10b Using multiple interfaces
    Chapter 11 Navigating object model diagrams
    Exercise 11a Getting layers
    Exercise 11b Creating and assigning colors
    Chapter 12 Making tools
    Exercise 12a Reporting coordinates
    Exercise 12b Drawing graphics
    Exercise 12c Using TypeOf statements
    Section 3 Using ArcObjects
    Chapter 13 Executing commands
    Exercise 13 Using CommandItems and CommandBars
    Chapter 14 Adding layers to a map
    Exercise 14a Adding a geodatabase feature class
    Exercise 14b Adding a raster data set
    Chapter 15 Setting layer symbology
    Exercise 15a Setting layer color
    Exercise 15b Setting layer symbols
    Exercise 15c Creating a class breaks renderer
    Chapter 16 Using ArcCatalog objects in ArcMap
    Exercise 16a Adding layer files to ArcMap
    Exercise 16b Making your own Add Data dialog box
    Chapter 17 Controlling feature display
    Exercise 17a Making definition queries
    Exercise 17b Selecting features and setting the selection color
    Chapter 18 Working with selected features
    Exercise 18a Using selection sets
    Exercise 18b Using cursors
    Chapter 19 Making dynamic layouts
    Exercise 19a Naming elements
    Exercise 19b Manipulating text elements
    Chapter 20 Editing tables
    Exercise 20a Adding fields
    Exercise 20b Getting and setting values
    What's next?
    Appendix A Data license agreement
    Appendix B Installing the data Index