Understanding GIS: An ArcGIS Project Workbook (Paperback)

Christian Harder, Tim Ormsby, Thomas Balstrom

  • 出版商: ESRI Press
  • 出版日期: 2011-07-01
  • 定價: $2,520
  • 售價: 5.0$1,260
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 378
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1589482425
  • ISBN-13: 9781589482425
  • 相關分類: 地理資訊系統 Gis
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Learn the geographic approach to solving problems.

Understanding GIS: An ArcGIS Project Workbook explains the methods, tools, and processes needed to apply full-scale GIS analysis to a spatially based problem. This book lets you assume the role of a GIS analyst challenged with finding the best location for a new park along the Los Angeles River in Southern California. The problem is complex: you need vacant land that’s close to the river in park-poor urban neighborhoods with lots of families. The book provides the starting data and guidance you need to perform a complete GIS analysis: explore the study area; evaluate the data; build a database; process, edit, and analyze the data; model alternative outcomes; map your findings; and share your results on interactive web maps. Through this process, you develop critical-thinking and geographic problem-solving skills. You also learn to use ArcGIS® Desktop 10 software from Esri®.  
Understanding GIS: An ArcGIS Project Workbook includes valuable learning materials:
-Self-paced tutorials. The project is carried out progressively in nine lessons comprising more than thirty exercises. Each exercise has step-by-step instructions, graphics to confirm your results, and explanations of key concepts.
- ArcGIS Desktop 10 software. The book includes access to a 90-day software trial to perform the analysis. The book’s DVD includes starting data for the project.
- An online Understanding GIS Resource Center includes the book’s final lesson in PDF format, GIS TV videos that walk you through the exercises in real time, exercise results for each lesson, and more. This book teaches students how to practice GIS by planning and carrying out a complex GIS project.
This book is divided into two parts: the first part explains key concepts and offers exercises covering a range of functionality (for example, geographic data management, visualization, editing, map production). The second part consists of a series of related exercises organized around a Los Angeles River project. The phases of the project involve building a robust geodatabase that will support a variety of possible GIS uses; conducting a site-selection analysis (locating a new park along the river); and creating a map layout to support and explain the analysis, and share results.



《理解GIS:一個ArcGIS項目工作手冊》解釋了應用全面的GIS分析方法、工具和流程來解決基於空間的問題所需的方法。本書讓您扮演一位GIS分析師的角色,面臨在南加州洛杉磯河沿岸找到最佳公園位置的挑戰。這個問題很複雜:您需要靠近河流、位於缺乏公園的城市社區附近的空地,並且有很多家庭。本書提供了開始進行完整GIS分析所需的數據和指導:探索研究區域;評估數據;建立數據庫;處理、編輯和分析數據;建模替代結果;繪製發現;並在互動式網絡地圖上分享結果。通過這個過程,您將培養批判思維和地理問題解決能力。您還將學習使用Esri的ArcGIS® Desktop 10軟件。

- 自定進度的教程。該項目分為九個逐步進行的課程,包括三十多個練習。每個練習都有逐步指導、圖形以確認結果,以及關鍵概念的解釋。
- ArcGIS Desktop 10軟件。本書包含90天的軟件試用,以進行分析。書中的DVD包含項目的起始數據。
- 在線的《理解GIS資源中心》包括本書的最後一課的PDF格式、GIS TV視頻以實時指導您進行練習、每課的練習結果等。本書教授學生如何通過計劃和執行一個複雜的GIS項目來實踐GIS。