Real World Microsoft Access Database Protection and Security

Garry Robinson

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  • 出版日期: 2003-11-11
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  • ISBN-13: 9781590591260
  • 相關分類: Access資料庫資訊安全
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Covers Access 97, 2000, 2002, and 2003

Microsoft Access is the most popular desktop database in the world today and its very popularity means that its security measures can be easily compromised. Real World Microsoft Access Database Protection and Security takes a different approach than all the other Access books in the market by focusing from the start on all the issues that will help protect your database. It approaches protection and security from a task-by-task perspective and provides details that when put together will make your database more secure.

This book will help you to keep your staff from looking at your salary tables, stop your customers from looking at the design of your software that you distribute, and help you decide which security options are worth doing and which are generally a waste of your time.p>

Garry writes from a very experienced developer's point of view and he discusses in detail how to program all types of security issues including hiding tables as system tables, producing databases that password cracker software cannot easily crack, backing-up databases, menus, queries, and even user surveillance.

Real World Microsoft Access Database Protection and Security has an IT manager’s overview on all topics so that managers can assess the risk of different strategies. Where the topics are at an administrator’s level, the book provides a visual step-by-step guide to implementing and undoing the settings.


Chapter 1: The Access Protection and Security Driving Instructions
Chapter 2: Protecting Your Database with Startup Options
Chapter 3: Using Database Options and Attributes to Protect Data and Objects
Chapter 4: Providing a Solid Foundation with Good Programming Practices
Chapter 5: Backing Up and Recovering Your Databases
Chapter 6: User and Object Surveillance
Chapter 7: Protecting Your Database with Menus and Toolbars
Chapter 8: Developer Workgroup Security
Chapter 9: Security Concerns, Encryption, and Database Passwords
Chapter 10: Securing Data with Workgroup Security
Chapter 11: Object Protection and Security Measures
Chapter 12: Protecting and Securing Your Database with the Operating System
Appendix A Specific Access Security Information
Appendix B Registering the Access Workbench
Appendix C Why Migrate from Access to SQL Server?


《實戰 Microsoft Access 資料庫保護與安全》涵蓋 Access 97、2000、2002 和 2003 版本。
Microsoft Access 是當今世界上最受歡迎的桌面資料庫,但由於其普及度高,其安全措施很容易被破解。《實戰 Microsoft Access 資料庫保護與安全》與市場上其他所有 Access 書籍不同,從一開始就專注於所有有助於保護資料庫的問題。本書從任務的角度來處理保護和安全問題,提供詳細的細節,這些細節結合在一起將使您的資料庫更安全。


作者 Garry 從一位經驗豐富的開發者的角度撰寫,詳細討論了如何編寫各種安全問題的程式,包括將表隱藏為系統表、製作難以破解的資料庫密碼破解軟體、備份資料庫、菜單、查詢,甚至用戶監視。

《實戰 Microsoft Access 資料庫保護與安全》提供了 IT 經理對所有主題的概述,以便經理們能夠評估不同策略的風險。對於管理員級別的主題,本書提供了一個視覺化的逐步指南,以實施和撤銷設置。

《實戰 Microsoft Access 資料庫保護與安全》的內容如下:

第 1 章:Access 保護和安全的操作指南
第 2 章:使用啟動選項保護您的資料庫
第 3 章:使用資料庫選項和屬性保護資料和物件
第 4 章:以良好的編程實踐為基礎
第 5 章:備份和恢復您的資料庫
第 6 章:用戶和物件監視
第 7 章:使用菜單和工具列保護您的資料庫
第 8 章:開發人員工作組安全
第 9 章:安全問題、加密和資料庫密碼
第 10 章:使用工作組安全保護資料
第 11 章:物件保護和安全措施
第 12 章:使用作業系統保護和安全您的資料庫
附錄 A:特定的 Access 安全資訊
附錄 B:註冊 Access 工作台
附錄 C:為什麼要從 Access 遷移到 SQL Server?