Pro DNS and BIND

Ron Aitchison

  • 出版商: Apress
  • 出版日期: 2005-08-23
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 608
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1590594940
  • ISBN-13: 9781590594940
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Pro DNS and BIND guides you through the challenging array of features surrounding DNS, with a special focus on BIND, the worlds most popular DNS implementation. This book unravels the mysteries of DNS, offering insight into origins, evolution, and key concepts like domain names and zone files. This book focuses on running DNS systems based on BIND 9.3.0the first stable release that includes support for the latest DNSSEC (DNSSEC.bis) standards and a major functional upgrade from previous BIND 9 releases.

If you administer a DNS system or are thinking about running one, or if you need to upgrade to support IPv6 DNS, need to secure a DNS for zone transfer, dynamic update, or other reasons, or if you need to implement DNSSEC, or simply want to understand the DNS system, then this book provides you with a single point of reference. Pro DNS and BIND starts with simple concepts, then moves on to full security-aware DNSSEC configurations. Various features, parameters, and resource records are described and, in the majority of cases, illustrated with one or more examples.

The book contains a complete reference to zone files, Resource Records, and BINDs configuration file parameters. You can treat the book as as a simple paint-by-numbers guide to everything from a simple caching DNS, to the most complex secure DNS (DNSSEC) implementation. Background information is still included for when you need to know what to do and why you have to do it, and so that you can modify processes to meet your unique needs.

Topics Include:

Introduction to the DNS
Basic DNS types with complete configuarion examples
DNS and IPv6
Installing BIND on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows
Subdomain delegation
DNS and load balancing
Reverse map delegation
DNSSEC (DNSSEC.bis) and the DLV experimental service
Key rollover and DNSSEC maintenance
DNS tools and diagnostics


《Pro DNS and BIND》指南將引導您穿越DNS周圍的各種挑戰性功能,特別關注世界上最受歡迎的DNS實現BIND。本書揭示了DNS的神秘之處,提供了有關起源、演變以及域名和區域文件等關鍵概念的見解。本書重點介紹基於BIND 9.3.0運行的DNS系統,這是第一個穩定版本,包括對最新的DNSSEC(DNSSEC.bis)標準的支持以及與之前BIND 9版本相比的重大功能升級。

如果您管理DNS系統,或者正在考慮運行一個,或者需要升級以支持IPv6 DNS,需要為區域傳輸、動態更新或其他原因保護DNS,或者需要實施DNSSEC,或者只是想了解DNS系統,那麼本書為您提供了一個單一的參考點。《Pro DNS and BIND》從簡單的概念開始,然後轉向全面安全意識的DNSSEC配置。描述了各種功能、參數和資源記錄,在大多數情況下,還附有一個或多個示例。


- DNS簡介
- 完整配置示例的基本DNS類型
- DNS和IPv6
- 在Linux、FreeBSD和Windows上安裝BIND
- 子域委派
- DNS和負載平衡
- 反向映射委派
- 金鑰更換和DNSSEC維護
- DNS工具和診斷