Practical OCaml (Hardcover)

Joshua B. Smith

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Objective Caml (OCaml) is an open source programming language that allows you to utilize both functional and object-oriented programming. A very fast and efficient language, OCamls speed is on par with the likes of C/C++, and Practical OCaml is the only book available that covers OCaml. The compiler is available for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Unix, Linux, and Apple. OCaml can be found in a variety of scientific applications and is used as a teaching language in universities.

Practical OCaml teaches Objective Caml in a straightforward and practical manner. All the features of this functional programming language are taught by example. You will learn how to utilize OCaml to create a simple database, perform reporting, and create a spam filter. You will also learn how to scan complex log files, create your own network servers by creating a shoutcast server, and create a web crawler. By this books conclusion, youll be able to decipher when and why OCaml should be used, and be prepared to create your own applications with OCaml.