Pro Netbeans IDE 6 Rich Client Platform Edition (Paperback)

Adam Myatt

  • 出版商: Apress
  • 出版日期: 2008-02-25
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 491
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1590598954
  • ISBN-13: 9781590598955
  • 相關分類: .NETJava 程式語言使用者介面 UI
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Pro NetBeans IDE 6 Rich Client Platform Edition is the second Apress book to cover the agile, open source NetBeans IDE platform. But the focus of this book is on enabling you to rapidly develop Java front ends of applications using API buttons, functions, and features mostly based in the Java SE 6 platform (instead of Java EE 5–based NetBeans 5.5 IDEa different platform/IDE altogether that published earlier in 2007):

  • Enables you to click and use any of the Java Swing and other desktop Java graphical user interface (GUI) APIs available in Java SE 6 or prior
  • Covers working with rich client platform features available in NetBeans for building web-based application front ends
  • Shows you the web-tier development plug-ins available including JSF, Struts Action Framework 2.0, and JRuby for bringing the Ruby on Rails feature set to Java via NetBeans

For building back-end, server-side Java applications, pick up Pro NetBeans IDE 5.5 Enterprise Edition, which is based on APIs found in the Java EE 5.

What youll learn

  • Easily install and set up your NetBeans IDE platform environment, and organize your projects.
  • Use the NetBeans source editor, code compiler, refactoring, software development, profiler, collaboration, database, and debugger tools.
  • Develop your Java Swing application for your desktop from start to finish.
  • Deploy your Java Swing or other GUI application using Java Web Start features embedded in NetBeans.
  • Build rich client applications using NetBeans plug-in module tools/features from start to finish.
  • Extend your NetBeans IDE wish list to building Struts 2 and even JRuby (Ruby on Rails) based Java web application front ends.


《Pro NetBeans IDE 6 Rich Client Platform Edition》是Apress出版的第二本介紹敏捷、開源NetBeans IDE平台的書籍。但本書的重點在於讓您能夠快速開發使用Java SE 6平台(而不是基於Java EE 5的NetBeans 5.5 IDE,這是在2007年早些時候出版的不同平台/IDE)的應用程式的Java前端,使用API按鈕、函數和功能:

- 讓您能夠點擊並使用Java Swing和其他桌面Java圖形使用者介面(GUI)API,這些API可在Java SE 6或之前的版本中使用
- 講解在NetBeans中使用豐富的客戶端平台功能來建構基於網頁的應用程式前端
- 展示可用的網頁層開發插件,包括JSF、Struts Action Framework 2.0和JRuby,這些插件可通過NetBeans將Ruby on Rails的功能集帶到Java中

如果要建構後端的伺服器端Java應用程式,請選擇《Pro NetBeans IDE 5.5 Enterprise Edition》,該書基於Java EE 5的API。


- 輕鬆安裝和設定NetBeans IDE平台環境,並組織您的專案。
- 使用NetBeans原始碼編輯器、程式碼編譯器、重構、軟體開發、分析器、協作、資料庫和除錯工具。
- 從頭到尾開發您的桌面Java Swing應用程式。
- 使用NetBeans中嵌入的Java Web Start功能部署您的Java Swing或其他GUI應用程式。
- 從頭到尾使用NetBeans插件模組工具/功能建構豐富的客戶端應用程式。
- 擴展您的NetBeans IDE願望清單,以建構Struts 2甚至基於JRuby(Ruby on Rails)的Java網頁應用程式前端。