Creating Mashups with Adobe Flex and AIR (Paperback)

Chris Korhonen, David Hassoun

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  • 出版日期: 2008-04-29
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN-13: 9781590599365
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Web applications no longer need be powered by any one individual's data, and they don't need to be confined to the desktop. Developers can draw on a wealth of publicly available content, from providers such as Flickr, Amazon, Google, Twitter, and, and combine it for use in their own applications. Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) makes it simple to bring previously web-only applications to the desktop, allowing them to run alongside traditional applications on an end user's computer.

In this book, you'll learn how to create mashup applications from the vast array of web services, feeds, and APIs using Adobe Flash and Flex together with HTML and JavaScript (Ajax). You'll be introduced to the various sources of information and the tools necessary to gather and reuse that information, and then you'll learn how to combine that content in a variety of ways.

You'll learn how to have desktop applications interact with online services such as Flickr, you'll learn how to use Amazon S3 for enterprise-level data storage, and you'll embrace technologies such as OpenID. In addition, you'll create abstract visualizations based on music sourced from and consume Twitter content via RSS. You will also see how to use the Flash-native data format SWX along with PHP to create a Yahoo! weather widget.

You'll discover just why you may want to build a widget or a desktop application rather leaving things web-based; then you'll create an application using Flex Builder and AIR and learn how best to distribute it. With so many tools and so much data available, the possibilities for mashup creation are endless. Creating Mashups with Adobe Flex and AIR provides all you need to get you up and running quickly, while also giving you a solid understanding of the technologies involved so you can take things furtherto a place limited only by your imagination.

In this book you'll learn

  • how to use Flex 3 in conjunction with ActionScript 3.0 to build powerful applications;
  • how you can use Adobe AIR to take your application from the Web and onto the desktop;
  • the differences between developing for the Web and for the desktop;
  • how you can use the APIs of popular web services such as Flickr, Amazon, Google, Twitter, and as data sources for your application; and
  • how to optimize your applications for fast and efficient performance.

Summary of Contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Mashups
  • Chapter 2 Technologies to Mash With!
  • Chapter 3 An Introduction to Flex
  • Chapter 4 Flex Components
  • Chapter 5 Flexing Your Muscles
  • Chapter 6 Performance Management in Flex Applications
  • Chapter 7 Debugging Flex 3: The Tried-and-True, Plus the New
  • Chapter 8 Getting the Most out of APIs
  • Chapter 9 Mashing Up Functionality
  • Chapter 10 SWX: A Native Flash Data Format
  • Chapter 11 Taking It to the Desktop
  • Chapter 12 Developing for the Desktop with AIR
  • Chapter 13 Adding More Desktop Elements to the Web
  • Chapter 14 Building a Desktop Experience
  • Chapter 15 Completing the Experience


Web應用程式不再需要依賴個別的個人數據,也不需要局限於桌面。開發人員可以利用來自Flickr、Amazon、Google、Twitter和Last.fm等提供者的大量公開可用內容,並將其結合在自己的應用程式中使用。Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)使將先前僅限於網頁的應用程式帶到桌面變得簡單,使其能夠在最終用戶的計算機上與傳統應用程式並行運行。

在本書中,您將學習如何使用Adobe Flash和Flex與HTML和JavaScript(Ajax)一起從各種網絡服務、提要和API創建混搭應用程式。您將介紹各種信息來源和收集和重複使用該信息所需的工具,然後學習如何以各種方式結合這些內容。

您將學習如何使桌面應用程式與Flickr等在線服務互動,學習如何使用Amazon S3進行企業級數據存儲,並接受OpenID等技術。此外,您還將基於Last.fm的音樂創建抽象可視化效果,並通過RSS使用Twitter內容。您還將了解如何使用Flash本地數據格式SWX以及PHP創建Yahoo!天氣小工具。

您將發現為什麼您可能希望構建小工具或桌面應用程式而不是僅限於網頁;然後,您將使用Flex Builder和AIR創建應用程式,並學習如何最佳地分發它。由於有這麼多工具和數據可用,混搭創作的可能性是無窮的。《使用Adobe Flex和AIR創建混搭》提供了您快速上手所需的一切,同時還讓您對所涉及的技術有扎實的理解,讓您的想像力無限。

- 如何使用Flex 3和ActionScript 3.0一起構建強大的應用程式;
- 如何使用Adobe AIR將應用程式從網頁轉移到桌面;
- 開發網頁和桌面應用程式的差異;
- 如何使用Flickr、Amazon、Google、Twitter和Last.fm等熱門網絡服務的API作為應用程式的數據來源;
- 如何優化應用程式以實現快速和高效的性能。

- 第1章 混搭介紹
- 第2章 混搭技術!
- 第3章 Flex介紹
- 第4章 Flex組件
- 第5章 Flex應用程式開發
- 第6章 Flex應用程式性能管理
- 第7章 調試Flex 3:傳統和新技術
- 第8章 充分利用API
- 第9章 混搭功能
- 第10章 SWX:一種本地Flash數據格式
- 第11章 將其帶到桌面
- 第12章 使用AIR開發桌面應用程式
- 第13章 在網頁中添加更多桌面元素
- 第14章 構建桌面體驗
- 第15章 完善體驗