Pro LINQ Object Relational Mapping in C# 2008

Vijay P. Mehta

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  • 出版日期: 2008-07-07
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It is nearly impossible today to write enterprise software without the use of one or more relational databases. Granted, there are cases when the data is transient and not stored in a database, but for the most part, software needs to consume and manipulate data in a database. It sounds easy, but there are hundreds of ways to connect software systems to databases and thousands of people who think they have the skeleton key for data access layers. Pro LINQ Object Relational Mapping in C# 2008 explains an efficient, repeatable way to apply industry design patterns to build scalable object–oriented data access layers.

Object relational mapping (OR/M) has been a gray area in Microsoft development for many years. It’s not that Microsoft language developers don’t understand OR/M; in fact, the opposite is true, as is exemplified by the glut of third–party .NET OR/M tools on the market. The struggle has come more from the lack of native tools with the object–oriented and object persistence capacity to effectively work in this arena. With the inception of .NET, Microsoft overcame the first obstacle by developing an object–oriented environment and framework. The second obstacle, the native object persistence layer, is only now being realized with the introduction of Language Integrated Query (LINQ) and LINQ’s children, the Language Integrated Query for Relational Databases (LINQ to SQL) and the Language Integrated Query for the ADO.NET Entity Framework (LINQ to Entities). The gray area no longer exists, and the .NET developers of the world finally have the native tools required to build modular, reusable data access layers.

What you’ll learn

  • The powerful advantages that OR/M can bring to your code
  • The native tools that are now available within Visual Studio 2008 for OR/M
  • How to build scalable object–oriented data access layers that take advantage of OR/M’s flexibility
  • How LINQ fits into this picture, together with the advantages and disadvantages that it can bring
  • How the concepts work in the real world by examining a fully worked and detailed case study, created with an architecture than can be easily applied to a wide range of other situations

Who is this book for?

This book is intended for Microsoft .NET developers who are using or evaluating Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to build data–aware applications, and it will provide patterns and resources that can be used to build enterprise class software.

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在今天的企業軟體開發中,幾乎不可能不使用一個或多個關聯式資料庫。當然,有些情況下資料是暫時性的,並不存儲在資料庫中,但大部分軟體需要使用和操作資料庫中的數據。聽起來很簡單,但有數百種將軟體系統連接到資料庫的方法,以及數千名認為自己擁有數據訪問層的通用解決方案的人。《Pro LINQ Object Relational Mapping in C# 2008》解釋了一種高效、可重複應用行業設計模式的方法,用於構建可擴展的面向對象數據訪問層。

對象關聯映射(OR/M)在微軟開發中一直是一個灰色地帶。這並不是說微軟語言開發人員不理解OR/M;事實上,相反的情況更為真實,這可以從市場上大量的第三方.NET OR/M工具得到證明。困難更多地來自於缺乏具有面向對象和對象持久性能力的本地工具,以有效地在這個領域工作。隨著.NET的出現,微軟通過開發面向對象的環境和框架克服了第一個障礙。第二個障礙,本地對象持久性層,現在只有在引入語言集成查詢(LINQ)及其子項目語言集成查詢用於關聯式資料庫(LINQ to SQL)和語言集成查詢用於ADO.NET實體框架(LINQ to Entities)之後才被實現。灰色地帶不再存在,世界上的.NET開發人員終於擁有了構建模塊化、可重用的數據訪問層所需的本地工具。

- OR/M可以為你的代碼帶來的強大優勢
- Visual Studio 2008中現有的本地工具,用於OR/M
- 如何構建可擴展的面向對象數據訪問層,以充分利用OR/M的靈活性
- LINQ如何與此相關,以及它可能帶來的優點和缺點
- 通過檢查一個完整的案例研究,了解這些概念在現實世界中的運作方式,該案例研究使用的架構可以輕鬆應用於各種其他情況

本書適用於使用或評估Microsoft Visual Studio 2008來構建數據感知應用程序的Microsoft .NET開發人員,並提供可用於構建企業級軟體的模式和資源。

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